Best Arms Warrior Talent And Spec Breakdown Level 85 Cataclysm

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This Talent Guide is for warriors and warrior talents. The warrior is a great class for players that like to have a lot of interaction with the characters. Warriors require a lot of macros and keybinds. I would say that warriors depend more on keybinds and macros than any other class in world of warcraft.

If you enjoy high burst mobility with down time in between, then you will like the warrior joust style play. Many of the warrior specs are based around burst damage and staying out your target for windows of opportunity. Warriors do not offer my defence tho, so you will usually need a healer. A fury speced warrior will usually do higher burst damage and will die a little faster. When you get good resisliance, the warriors weakness is mended a bit.

Since warriors rely on healers so much, you will find that solo play is not as great as some other classes. Warriors fair O.K. now due to buffs to their survivability through self healing, but the warrior specs are still so relient on burst damage that, in some of the specs, you are not able to pick up all of the dps and healing talent, and are forced to chose between more damage or self healing talents.

I will go over all of the warrior talents and do a quick breakdown for you on them.

The first arms level 85 warrior talent we will go over is War Academy. Increases the damage of Mortal Strike, Raging Blow, Devastate, Victory Rush and Slam by 5%.

-For pvp, this increases the damage of your main strikes in slam and mortal strike. Slam hits just as hard as mortal strike, but you have to be careful using this too much because it delays swing timer.

-For pve, this is a must have, and you will use MS and slam about equally. You use slam over heroic strike in most situations.

The next arms level 85 warrior talent we will go over is Field Dressing. Increases all healing received by 3%, and the effectiveness of your self-healing abilities by an additional 10%.

-For pvp, this increase to healing thru buffing your self healing is a must have. Blood craze and second wind is great for self healing.

-For pve, this is only a must if you are a tank.

The next arms level 85 warrior talent we will go over is Blitz. Your Charge generates 5 additional rage and stuns an additional nearby target.

-For pvp, this is just an outstanding talent. An extra 10 rage every 15 seconds is nice, but the aoe charge on a 15 second cooldown that stuns for 3 seconds, and interrupts everything in the area, is a perfect talent.

-For pve, this really has no uses in my opinion.

The next arms level 85 warrior talent we will go over is Tactical Mastery. You retain up to an additional 25 rage when you change stances.

-For pvp, this is great for most warriors, but since you really don’t have to stance dance as much as you use to, this has lost a lot of its flavor.

-For pve, this really has no use.

The next arms level 85 warrior talent we will go over is Second Wind. Whenever you are struck by a Stun or Immobilize effect you generate 10 rage and 2% of your total health over 10 sec.

-For pvp, this is a must have talent for arms, and is a toss up for fury. VS rogues and mages, this will save your life, but vs some classes, this will never proc.

-For pve, this does not have much use at the second.

The next arms level 85 warrior talent we will go over is Deep Wounds. Your critical strikes cause the opponent to bleed, dealing 16% of your melee weapon’s average damage over 6 sec.

-For pvp, this is a toss up talent for fury, and a must get for arms. This will break most cc, so make sure that if you are running with a cc heavy group, that this is ok for you to bring to the table. This will do ticks between 400 and 4000 a second, so you will lay down some major damage with this.

-For pve, This is a must have for almost every spec, and even considered for a tank for the extra threat. This will roll up to 8k ticks with fury in a blood lust and when you pop cooldows. I have seen a lot of my damage, (up to 10%) come from this. This improves the rating of crit by more than a third.

The next arms level 85 warrior talent we will go over is Drums of war. Reduces the rage cost of your Shield Bash, Pummel, and any shouts which cost rage by 50%.

-For pvp, I do not use this now that it does not affect piercing howl.

-For pve, I do not use this in any spec.

The next arms level 85 warrior talent we will go over is Taste for Blood. Increases your Overpower critical strike chance by 20%. In addition, whenever your Rend ability causes damage, you have a 33% chance of allowing the use of Overpower for 9 sec.  This effect will not occur more than once every 5 sec.

-For pvp, This will let you use your overpower every 6 seconds because of how rend ticks work unhasted. And it is really a cornerstone ability vs rogues and druids.

-For pve, this is included in all of my dps builds, overpower has such a high crit rate, and is so cheap, that this is a must have for the meters.

The next arms level 85 warrior talent we will go over is Sweeping Strikes. Your melee attacks strike an additional nearby opponent.  Lasts 10 sec.

-For pvp, I take this but do not use it with bladestorm. I use this when I pop my deadly calm and cooldowns and I get a few grouped together. This is a very unexpected move most of the time and can really put you ahead in an arena.

-For pve, Aoe pulls die quick and you get a small rest between, so this will boost your epeen on pulls, which is worth it to most people. I usually take this for when im on add duty on a boss. Really depends on the spec.

The next arms level 85 warrior talent we will go over is Impale. Increases the critical strike damage bonus of Mortal Strike, Slam and Overpower by 10%.

-For pvp, This is your main 3 damaging attacks that will crit, and these have higher crit rates that the other attacks, so you will get more use out of this talent.

-For pve, This is a great increase to damage for the amount of point that you have to put in it. A must have if you do a pve arms build.

The next arms level 85 warrior talent we will go over is improved hamstring. When reapplying Hamstring, you immobilize the target for 5 sec. This effect cannot occur more than once every 60 sec.

-For pvp, Fully talented, this gives you a 5 second immobilize on a 30 second cooldown. I use the /sw command in game to track the ICD, and it works wonders on almost every class I play.

-For pve, this is a waste of space.

The next arms level 85 warrior talent we will go over is Improved Slam. Decreases the swing time of Slam by 1 sec and increases its damage by 10%. Remember that haste now affects slam also, so it will not be uncommon to get .3 second slams.

-For pvp, This is a must have because slam is not your rage dump in most cases. Improved slam makes this hit really hard.

-For pve, you will use slam a lot, and this is your skill cap. Learn how to weave slam for max damage, and you will learn how to out dps people as arms.

The next arms level 85 warrior talent we will go over is Deadly Calm. For the next 10 sec, none of your abilities cost rage, but you continue to generate rage. Cannot be used during Inner Rage.

-For pvp, This ability is very overpowered at the start of a fight. This gives warriors a no wind up time buff. I use this very early and build a full rage bar.

-For pve, This ability is great to pop when low on rage, and at the beginning of a fight. I usually use the to start, and almost on cooldown. This will also let you HS spam for the duration.

The next arms level 85 warrior talent we will go over is Blood Frenzy. Your bleeds cause targets to take an extra 2% physical damage and 15% bleed damage. In addition, your autoattacks have a 5% chance to generate 20 additional rage.

-For pvp, this is a good RNG rage generation and an ok damage buff since you should always have a bleed up on the kill target.

-For pve, this is a great raid buff that is fairly unique, and the rage gen will equal out nice over a 10 min fight.

The next arms level 85 warrior talent we will go over is Lambs to the Slaughter. Your Mortal Strike causes the Slaughter effect, which increases the damage of Execute, Overpower, Slam and Mortal Strike by 10%.  Lasts 15 sec. This is absolute great. This is a great job my blizzard to balance a pve and pvp talent in one and do a perfect job of it. This will do tremendous damage if the warrior is left alone to train, and really kill the warrior dps if he is controlled, while giving a great damage buff to pve.

-For pvp, this is a must have talent, and if you are left to train a target for long, that targe will drop dead very fast.

-For pve, this is a must have talent, you will start your rotation with MS and keep it up on cooldown. This makes MS the best strike in your book.

The next arms level 85 warrior talent we will go over is Juggernaut. Your Charge ability is now usable while in combat and in all stances, and the duration of your Charge stun is increased by 2 sec.  Following a Charge, your next Slam or Mortal Strike has an additional 25% chance to critically hit if used within 10 sec.  However, Charge and Intercept now share a cooldown. The removal of intercept from this ability really hinders the skill cap of warriors, but at the same time, when you combine this with blitz, you are golden.

-For pvp, this is the arms mobility talent and when you combine this low cooldown gap closer with blitz, you really get a combination of good all into one ability.

-For pve, this is not really a pve talent, even though I take it a lot because of the mobile nature of a lot of fights, and it is nice to generate 30 rage on command when swapping targets.

The next arms level 85 warrior talent we will go over is Sudden Death. Your melee hits have a 3% chance of resetting the cooldown on your Colossus Smash, and you keep 5 rage after using Execute.

-For pvp, this is an overpowered pvp talent and you will be a great player if you can watch and wait for these procs and keep a full rage bar until needed.

-For pve, this is a great damage increase, but you have another proc you have to watch, so it gets a bit cluttered sometimes.

The next arms level 85 warrior talent we will go over is Wrecking Crew. Your Mortal Strike critical hits have a 50% chance to Enrage you, increasing all damage caused by 5% for 12 sec. This is another talent that increases the importance of crit in an arms spec.

-For pvp, this is great rng burst damage, and will increase the value of crit on gear by a good bit.

-For pve, this is just rng damage increase that you will spec into and forget.

The next arms level 85 warrior talent we will go over is Throwdown. Knocks the target to the ground and stuns it for 5 sec.

-For pvp, this gives warriors a great on demand, melee range stun. I use this for a stun and a lockout on my kill target. The knockdown is nice also. Be careful now, charge shares DR with this.

-For pve, this will really have no use most of the time.

The next arms level 85 warrior talent we will go over is Bladestorm. You become a whirling storm of destructive force, instantly striking all nearby targets for 150% weapon damage and continuing to perform a whirlwind attack every 1 sec for 6 sec.  While under the effects of Bladestorm, you do not feel pity or remorse or fear and you cannot be stopped unless killed or disarmed, but you cannot perform any other abilities.

-For pvp, This ability is a great tool in pvp, you can break snares and stay on mages very well with this. Its disarm weakness kinda sucks vs rogues, but most classes will have to eat a few ticks before they can even react.

-For pve, This is you epeen aoe damage spell. Most of the time either this or sweeping strikes will be up for use, and you can really top some meters since this did not get messed with too much in the aoe damage nerf.

-Brandon C.   aka.  Darksun22