Best Electronic Gifts for Teens This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again, bet you thought it would never come, right? Christmas comes and goes and comes again, but are you prepared? Do you have a teenager, or a high-tech husband, in your household? If so, then more than likely you are going to be buying some type of electronics this year. With technology at heights unparalleled in history, and with so many technological advances in the world today, one can’t help but wish for a piece of the action.

1.) Consoles To Go. One of the greatest pieces of technology in the (portable) game console industry is the play station portable slim, which weighs less than a pound and has an amount of features that any teenager would do great things for! The Sony Playstation portable is a video game console system, a music player, and a movie player. With the option of adding a memory stick, the possibilities are virtually endless!-photos, music, video, and games can be downloaded onto a memory stick and placed onto the Playstation portable. One feature that can’t go unnoticed on this fine piece of electronic equipment is its’ ability to connect wirelessly to the Internet! You can go almost anywhere on-line wirelessly without having to worry about getting on a desktop computer or a laptop. A less expensive console with for younger teens and kids with not as many features would be the Nintendo DS lite. This console is not a bad console, but its features are limited. Nonetheless the Nintendo DS lite console an extremely fun console. These consoles do come equipped with cameras for additional fun as an upside to its lack of wireless Internet.

2.) TVs.Who doesn’t want a great flat screen? With all of the game systems and new high definition technology, a decent size plasma or LCD is almost a necessity.

3.) Cell Phones. Another fine piece of electronic equipment, greater in today’s time than ever could be imagined.-Texting to the extent of sending live video messages and pictures, to just plane texting. Almost every cell phone on the market today comes equipped with a camera or an mp3 player on it. This is a gift that may also be convenient for parents to. With cell phones, parents can do a better job of keeping up with their teens, especially with the “tracking” feature that some cell phones carry. If a call is made and not received or answered, then there is always another option-text. Most carriers carry text packages with unlimited text packages, and also unity packages to ensure that families can manage a plan responsibly without running over on usage and data. The Internet is but the push of a button away now that almost every phone comes equipped with Internet technology and software. Some Cell phones have Internet that is so advanced that users are enabled to pay bills through their phone.

4.) Laptops. Another gift that may possibly keep on giving. Teens can keep up with school work and leave your personal desktop alone. With Internet access, he or she can study and research for school work or projects and manage their lives easier.

5.) Want something smaller? Personal computers are a great way to stay organized and communicate on the go. Though is is smaller than a laptop, a notebook may favor the pricier side of the technology fence. Nonetheless, this is a great way for kids to handle some their needs.

6.) The Obvious. Any teenager can enjoy a great game system console. Sony offers the Playstation 3, Nintendo offers the Wii, and Microsoft offers the Xbox 360 Elite. The systems all are competing for customers this holiday season with prices at new all-time lows. check on-line and at your local retail stores for more information on the pricing.