Betrayal In The Marital Relationship – 3 Things To Expect When Facing Your Cheating Mate

They are the words which no person who is married ever wants to hear: your spouse is cheating. Regrettably this is exactly what is taking place in your own relationship. It is not like you didn’t have your suspicions. There had been certain indicators that as time passed got more difficult to ignore.

For example your spouse claimed on more than a few occasions to be working late. Except when you happened to see the pay stub it never matched up with the amount of hours.

And then there were other things such as little white lies that ran counter to what was said before. Or family members came back and told you about some questionable conduct they witnessed your spouse engaging in. After doing some investigating you realized that your mate was definitely cheating on you.

Now comes the other phase and that is confronting them with the evidence. Their reaction might go a variety of ways and that means you have to get ready for anything and everything. Among them are:

1. Confession

Either the guilt they were feeling got to be too much or they recognize that lying about it at this stage is useless. And so they come clean. Now precisely how your spouse confesses is in a class all by itself. Hopefully your significant other will express genuine remorse at what they did along with how it impacted you.

On the flip side it may be a confession of the angry sort. Your spouse is infuriated that you found out what was going on, enraged that somebody told on them, ticked off that you were spying into their private life or perhaps all of the above. Yes they confess and they are not happy about it.

2. They Couldn’t Care Less

This is not so much a confession but an act of defiance. You found out what they were doing and you mate doesn’t give a hoot. Truth be told they’re delighted you found out what was happening because now they can let you know why they cheated and even share some of the juicy details. Your spouse takes pleasure in hurting you while at the same time having no regret for their actions.

Stay cool with this one since their whole purpose is to shock you, take control of the confrontation as well as place you back on your heels. Remain cool and furthermore stay in control by weathering their arrogance.

3. Keep Lying

Your significant other does not have any idea what you’re talking about. The folks that saw them engaging in questionable activity are clearly confused. Believe it or not they are the ones who are lying since for reasons unknown they always hated your spouse. This response can be as maddening as the could care less one. Regardless of how much rock solid proof you set forth they will not admit to having an affair.

This kind of reaction will require a whole lot of patience and willpower on your behalf. It may also require you giving a strong warning to persuade them to finally tell the truth.