Better Business Bureau Busted

Today the ABC news team reports that investigations into the Better Business Bureau accepting cash for better grades

The BBB that was started back in 1912 has been the one source that everyone went to and trusted for getting the scope on products, restaurants and even jobs.

Attorney General R. Blumenthal of Connecticut is threatening the Better Business Bureau with legal action unless it changes its controversial marketing program which gives better grades in exchange for annual payments.

Blumenthal’s has been investigating the Connecticut BBB chapter ever since it convinced him three years ago to attend a ceremony where a company – which later was discovered to have been ripping off customers -was honored with the chapter’s highest award – the Torch Award. His investigation later broadened into the grading system itself

Until about three years ago, the BBB used the satisfactory/unsatisfactory rating system .The BBB claims that the letter system was implemented to make it easier on the consumer to make decisions about a business.

Some businesses can recieve an A- without a track record or even an legitimate address, just by paying the fee.


A bunch of California businessmen got together to prove the BBB rating system was a “pay to play” scheme. What they did was make up a few fake businesses and then purchased accreditation for the businesses including, Hamas a name of a terrorist organization. All received an A- rating.

An ABC News team covering the story told of two small businesses that had a C rating and were told by BBB telemarketers,if they paid the $395.00 membership fee, the C rating will be replaced with a A plus rating. They gave their credit card number and the very next day the C was now An A plus rating.

How are we to trust the Better Business Bureau when they are selling “memberships” for better ratings?

Watch ABC’s  20/20  tonight with the story of the investigation probe into the Better Business Bureau offering good grades for cash.