Biceps Toning Workout For Women Knowing


Most women I know, are typically afraid of doing any type of strength training exercise such as a biceps toning workout, for fear of building up too much muscle. The belief that strength training turn women into blocks of muscles, is a big misconception. In order to build muscles, one needs a healthy dose of testosterone, which is a male hormone. Women do not have much testosterone, and as a result, women do not bulk up as easily as men do. Therefore, if you are a woman, you should not be afraid of losing your female appearance, when you do your biceps toning workout.

If you want to get rid of the fat you build around your upper arms, it is important that you firm up your biceps through proper biceps toning workouts. Biceps workouts should be done, in addition to your regular cardio workouts. The cardio workout will help rid your body of the extra fat, and the biceps toning workout will help give your upper arms a toned look. Also, biceps muscles require extra calories as they grow. As a result, your biceps will be burning fat from your body.

There are several biceps toning workouts you can do. Examples of biceps exercises include concentration curls, hammer curls, barbell curls, high pulley curls, low pulley curls, etc. Most of these biceps exercises require that you either have a set of dumbbells, or that you have access to a gym facility. However, if you have a resistance band, you should be able to work out your biceps effectively.

Biceps Toning Workout for Women

If you have a resistance band and a Swiss ball, try the following biceps toning workout: lie down on the Swiss ball, and make sure your feet are flat on the floor, approximately shoulder-width apart. Roll down slightly on the Swiss ball, such that only your upper back is resting on the ball. Prior to taking this position, lock the resistance band firmly into place. Begin curling the resistance band, while keeping your upper arms relatively parallel to each other. Allow your arms to fully extend at the finishing point of each movement. Maintain a proper breathing pattern throughout the workout. Do this exercise for one full minute. Then take a very short break, and repeat the biceps exercise again 9 more times.

To get the best results out of your biceps workout, you should push yourself to failure. That means, you should keep curling the resistance band until you run out of strength. Take small breaks throughout this strength training exercise routine.