Blackberry Music Apps Roundup

The race is pretty much over – but there’s always hope, and with a number of free music-related apps available to the BlackBerry, maybe things are looking up.


Experienced music providers 7digital are on the BlackBerry scene with a free app, although we ponder the point in trying to rival digital music behemoth iTunes. Nevertheless, it offers the chance to purchase high-quality MP3s straight to your phone and lets you check out the latest charts.

Shazam is a crown jewel, despite being a relative veteran of the mobile music scene. Listening to a song on the radio but don’t know what it is? Turn Shazam on and within seconds it should be able to tag the song and tell you the artist and song. Its novelty however, like a knock-off pair of jeans, wears over time and obscure artists who haven’t released anything officially tend to leave poor Shazam a little dumbfounded.

For those who know the artist and title of a song but don’t know the lyrics however, then TuneWiki might be a bit more useful. It collates all the songs on your phone and streams the lyrics across the screen whilst it plays – a bit like subtitles for the musically inclined. It’s perfect for some impromptu karaoke sessions after one or four drinks perhaps – just watch out for liquid spillage…

There are also a number of popular paid apps available too, from the aptly named MP3 Ringtone Creator to the Ultimate Music Quiz, which tests your music knowledge using some 1,000 questions. It’s all a bit of damp squib however, and we’re left wondering if the BlackBerry should just stick to its true strengths – instantaneous email and instant messaging.