Blast Your Baby Belly!

Does your tummy hang over your bikini line?

Our bodies go through enormous change during pregnancy and what often happens to our abdominal muscles, is that they become what is known as distended and hang out over our bikini line.  Often Mothers feel that they will never return to their pre pregnancy shape and feel stuck.  

You can change your Shape!

By doing a set of stomach exercises called Vacuums, you will notice the inches will melt away.

What is a Vacuum?

It is abdominal exercise which targets the Transversus Abdominus, or basically the stomach muscles which are behind the top abdominals which are normally targeted by doing say, crunch exercises.  This ‘T’ set of muscles support our posture and act like a natural corset, promoting perfect posture. 

How do I do it?

Your aim is to touch your spine with your navel.  By breathing in as far as possible and bringing your stomach in, you are trying to create a ‘hollow’.

How often, how long?

As often as you can!  I lost four inches in four weeks by doing these exercises combined with regular exercise and healthy eating.  I did 10 a day without fail but would squeeze the odd one in here and there whenever I could.  More importantly, my poor distended tummy is now back to normal and I feel confident enough to take my children to the pool.  

A great link for Mothers who want their bodies back after baby is

You can do it!