Body Odor And You


Have you experienced before being crammed inside a small elevator or been in a busy street and noticed the distinctive smell of stale sweat. This condition is called body odor and it is a condition that makes our body produce unpleasant smells. The scientific way of explaining body odor is that it is the smell produced by bacteria breaking down protein in to certain acids.


People who naturally have higher chances of body odor are people who eat lots of red meat or spicy foods. Your diet does have an effect on the smell of your body as what you eat will be how you smell. You should take less caffeine, garlic and onions. Eat more leafy vegetables, soy products and fruits.


Body odor cannot be avoided completely. Being a living human means that we do sweat, and we will everyday. However sweat is actually not the real culprit of producing those foul odor. It is the bacteria that breaks down our sweat that causes body odor. The most common areas that produces the most amounts of body odor would be your armpits and your feet.


So how do you minimize the effects of body odor? Firstly, personal hygiene is the most important. Take a bathe daily and remember to wash with soap. Bathing and washing removes sweat which in turn reduces the chance for bacteria to work on it. Wash your armpits and feet thoroughly as they are the places that causes the majority of body odor.


The use of deodorant or antiperspirant works in a way of masking the odor. The fragrance produced by these products actually helps a lot in making your body odor less obvious, it also reduces the amount of sweat and bacteria in those areas applied. Perfumes and colognes can be used as well for masking the odor. However please try and use these in moderation.


Wear breathable clothing often as synthetic fabrics do not allow the body to breathe and can cause excessive sweating. Clothing that are made of natural fibers like silk, wool and cotton makes it easier for your skin to breathe. This in turns result in better evaporation of sweat which in directly means lesser sweat to breakdown by bacteria.


People who have severe sweating conditions will have to consult a doctor for advice. Some surgical options are available to prevent heavy sweating which in turn reduces body odor.