Boracay Hidden Paradise of Asia

Boracay Island is an hour’s flight from the capital of the Philippines, Manila. It’s two primary world class beaches, White beach and Bulabog beach, are located on opposite side of the island. White beach is the main beach of Boracay it’s where most of the resorts and hotel are located. It is also the place where big sporting events are being held like the international Dragon Boat and Kite boarding tournaments. But best of all it is the place to party at night the white long beaches of Boracay turns into a big stage for party goers to enjoy.

While on the otherside where Bulabog beach is located, It is the jumping point to experiencing the waters of boracay. Here you can rent a motorized boat to island hop or be sent to crocodile island, the perfect spot to snorkle or do scuba diving. One can also experience reef walking for a minimal fee.

If all that water activites made you hungry don’t worry because Boracay is a complete package it has world class restaurants to choose from or you can enjoy the buffet of restaurants lined up in the beach. You can even buy fresh seafoods in the market and ask your restaurant to cook it for you.

With a  lot of activities to do in the island of Boracay you will definitely enjoy your stay here. It is the island that never sleeps. If you want a new paradise to experience and explore visit Boracay. It’s long white sand beaches rival the beast beaches of more popular beach destinations in the Caribbean and neighbouring Phuket and Bali.