Bowflex Power Pro and Elite

The reason many people choose to buy a gym membership over buying an at-home gym machine is because there are more exercises and workouts available at the gym.  What if there was a machine that would allow you to perform all those workouts and more from home and that didn’t take up a lot of space or cost you a lot of money?  Bowflex is an at-home gym machine that has over 90 different exercise options ready for you to perform at home without having to expend your wallet or space.

The two most common and favored Bowflex machines are the power pro and elite models.  These two are preferential because of the price.  Cost plus features equal a great deal with both the pro and elite models because most at-home gym machines that cost the same as a Bowflex elite don’t have nearly the quantity of proffered exercises—not to mention they don’t really have the same quality, either.

You’ve probably seen the commercials for the Bowflex and, to be honest, this machine really works to the same degree as shown on television.  You just have to have the dedication to use the machine to its full potential.  Bowflex is popular because of the power rods that work as a force of resistance much like weights do only there aren’t any weights.  This allows you to get further in your weight training because a Bowflex elite machine offers up to 310 pounds of resistance—or can even be increased up to 410 pounds.  The Bowflex power pro offers even more features for a more efficient workout.

Finding a machine or gym that can provide you with everything you need no longer has to be a chore.  You can get over 90 workouts between either the Bowflex elite or power pro models.  You’ll be building muscle and getting a worthwhile exercise.  You’ll have the convenience of working out from your own home.  If you have children you’ll be able to teach them the importance of healthy living by showing them how valuable exercising can be and the rewards that come from it.

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