Boy And Girls Have, Therefore, Some What Different Needs

Boys and girl’s are both wonders of God’s creation, complimenting one another. Boy and girls have, therefore, some what different needs.

That is why the training for boys and girls differs slightly. When there is this attitude of mutual respect, boys and girls can come together and grow up in their emotions without dangers or harm. They can learn from each other. They can understand and respect one another. It is hardly suitable for girls in early age to waste their time in fashions. There is so much for them to learn.

House keeping, education, culture and enrichment of life are the things that girls should endeavor to learn. No one can ever make a home as a woman can. Therefore, even rich girls should learn all about house keeping. So many women lose their husbands early in life and having paid scanty attention to domestic matters their situation becomes very pitiable.

If woman is the home maker, most men are breadwinners. Man is ambitious. He has to work hard and earn bread not only for himself but also for the whole family. Woman is a great is a help to him. She is his better half.

Therefore, boys and girls must respect one another, protect one another and help each other to grow up emotionally well. 

Clearly the involvement of school children is of paramount importance but care must be taken to prevent unnecessary burden. No effort should be made towards risk-transfer or diffusion of risks. 

Integrate into the study of social sciences, information about vulnerability, risk reduction and management techniques.

Events selected should be suitable to particular age groups and categories of children like boys, girls, and mentally and physically challenged students.   

Teachers selected to accompany children in the field must have the necessary motivation.

There should be no distortion of facts while dealing with young minds. 

Suitability, efficiency and physical fitness must be strongly pressed and applied at every stage. There are many hazards like hitch-hiking, rock climbing, mountaineering, etc., which need complete physical fitness. Some criteria are also applied like suitability, efficacy ad physical fitness as standards of selection.