Bread Halwa An Indian Sweet Dessert

Bread is one of the oldest prepared foods. It is a staple food prepared by cooking a dough of flour and water.

In Europe, European-derived cultures such as the Middle East North Africa and the Americas, bread is the staple food whearas to East Asia whose staple food is rice.

There are different types of bread :

– Whole grain bread

– Roti (Whole wheat bread)

– Granary bread

– Rye bread

– Unleavened bread

– White bread

– Brown bread

– Wholemeal bread

Here is the quick recipe of “Bread halwa” which is very delicious. As everyone like to eat bread. So I would like to share a quick breakfast dish which is also known as “Double ka Meetha” because of the sweeteness. Below is the ingredients and preparation instruction :

Ingredients :

– 3 slices of bread

– 1/2 small glass milk

– 8 tbs sugar

– 2 tbs ghee

– 3 chopped Almond

– 3 chopped cashews

– 1 tsp cardamom powder

Preparations :

1) Take 3 slices of bread.

2) Take the bread, trim the sides by removing crusts.

3) Cut the bread into small pieces.

4) Heat ghee in a kadai, add bread pieces and fry until light brown in the medium flame.

 5) Add milk and allow to cook.

 6) Add sugar, cardamom powder, almond, cashews and mix well.

 7)  Mix through well and remove from heat.

 8) Serve cold or hot.

9) Serve with hot tea or coffee.