Bride Pulls Off Wedding Day Prank Which Goes Viral After The Groom’s Reaction


One of the most special moment for both bride and groom on the wedding day is the “first look.” The wedding photographer gets to capture that one fleeting second when the groom looks at his lovely bride and is overwhelmed with emotions. But what you don’t get to see every day is this moment that brought this next groom infinite tears of laughter.

Here is what groom Jake VanSickle was expecting on his wedding day and what he actually got to see…

20. The Wedding Day Photo & Design

It was finally the grand day when a young loving couple was ready to spend the rest of their lives and make it official. Among many tearful moments, the couple also wanted to include the “first look,” to see his bride before the wedding…

19. Unexpected ‘Special’ Moment Lorraine VanSickle

Jake was preparing for the special moment. Cameras were on, he only had to wait for his cue and see his bride. But the moment was very different from what he was about to experience. And he loved every second of it! Here it is in the next photos.

18. Preparing for the Ceremony Photo & Design

A while before the wedding, Jake and Faye went to visit photographer Rebekah Lehman (Kindred Photo & Design – Marshall, Michigan). They talked about the big day and how they want to capture it on camera. Then, this happened…

17. A Last Minute Change Photo & Design

After talking about everything the couple needed, Rebekah agreed and was happy to help. Faye and Jake then left, but not before she returned running back to Rebekah, telling her this funny idea. Here’s how the special moment was concocted!

16. A Prank on Their Wedding Day

Rebekah recalled later how the future bride ran back to the studio and told her about pranking the groom. “We both laughed as Jake stood off in the distance probably thinking we were crazy! He had no idea!”

But he would soon find out why they laughed so hard…

15. Ready For The Big Day! Photo & Design

It was finally the big day, and Rebekah set up everything. The groom didn’t suspect a thing, he was waiting on his love, ready to turn and lay his eyes on his beautiful bride.

Meanwhile, everyone was doing their best to keep a straight face!

14. Who Is Grinning Behind the Groom? Photo & Design

The entire moment was chronicled by Rebekah and Jake had no idea that behind him, it wasn’t the bride grinning and waiting for him to turn around! The groom turns around and cannot believe his eyes!

Who was that beauty in the wedding dress?

13. His Best Friend, Tayler Koyl Photo & Design

Instead of seeing his bride, Jake turned around and made eye contact with his friend Tayler Koyl who was wearing a wedding dress of his own. Neither Jake nor Tayler could stifle their laughter, so they just went along with the prank. Check out how fabulous they are!

12. He Got Tricked! Photo & Design

Jake couldn’t believe that his bride had tricked him, but let’s face it, the prank was perfect, and the groom even took his new wife away, pretending to run off and leave Faye behind. But let’s hear it from Koyl, who had a front seat the entire moment.

11. “He took a Deep Breath” Photo & Design

In an interview with Bored Panda, Koyl said how Jake “He took a deep breath before he turned, preparing for his bride.” But then, he turned around and saw him. His face is priceless, said Koyl…

10. The Reaction Was Priceless Photo & Design

“As soon as he turned to see me, the eyebrow raised with just the look of (what the hell) for a split second,” added Koyl, saying that Jake then went along with the prank and had a good laugh.

Meanwhile, Faye was in the background with the bridesmaids. You won’t believe how famous they are now!

9. The Important Day Photo & Design

Everyone around Jake and his ‘second’ bride laughed and the important day seemed a little calmer. After posing some more with Tayler, Jake finally got to see his real bride, and the photos are stunning!

8. Epic Photos Photo & Design

As for the prank, nobody at the wedding believed that it would get such a response on social media. It actually got viral, as people couldn’t stop re-posting the epic photos. Can you guess how many people loved their story?

7. Over 30,000 People Loved This Prank

Jake and Tayler’s funny photos quickly spread on the internet, gathering more than 31,000 likes. People from all over the world commented on how funny the moment was. One thing is true…

6. Unforgettable Moment Photo & Design

We know that Jake and Faye’s marriage are off to a good start with this unforgettable moment. They’re both young and have a great sense of humor.

Here’s another couple that decided to change the ‘first look’ scene and this next groom is perplexed!

5. Another Awesome Prank

If you thought that changing the bride in the ‘first look’ moment was too easy, check out Elizabeth Gardner’s idea. She was all about having a special day. But her future husband Tom was expecting something traditional…

Wait until you see his reaction!

4. Over Here, Bride…

Or should we say… Bridezilla? Elizabeth Gardner decided she will do her ‘first look’ dressed in a T-Rex costume. But this wasn’t just a joke to see Tom’s face. You see, her mother’s maiden name is Rex, so it fits like a glove!

3. “Today a Rex…”

In an interview with HuffPost, the happy bride said that the day before the wedding, she had her bridesmaids take photos of her holding a sign that said: “Today a Rex, tomorrow a Gardner.”

Tom is patiently waiting…

2. He Was Speechless

His face is priceless! Who would have expected to see the bride in a T-Rex costume? He had no clue! “I was totally disarmed and could not stop from bursting with laughter. It was just so her,” he later told HuffPost.

1. Was He Paranoid?

Just before the reveal, he suspected something was off. As he saw residents of the island driving by him, they had “giant smiles on their faces and laughing,” he recalls.  “But I didn’t have a clue as to why,” said Tom.

These men are so lucky to have by their side wives with this sense of humor!