Bring The Fiber Back Into Your Life

Fiber is that part of the food which you consume, which is not digested. This is because enzymes for this purpose are not available in the human body. Consumption of the fiber offers several advantages.

The fiber Decreases your blood cholesterol level. Statistically it has been shown that cholesterol is a risk factor for the development of the coronary heart disease. The fiber decreases the LDL levels, lowering the risk for the heart disease. The cholesterol carried by the LDL is considered to be bad, as it carries the cholesterol from the safe house of the liver to the tissues. The cholesterol tends to get deposited in the coronary arteries which supply the blood to the heart muscle.

Constipation is common in the western countries since the food consumed hardly contains any fiber. The excreted fecal material lacks bulk and is hard in nature. This can lead to the inflammation of the anal passage and in the long run can produce piles, which is a painful condition. The fiber Promotes smoother fecal excretion, thereby preventing constipation and also piles.

The fiber comes from the vegetables and therefore, the fiber indirectly provides the antioxidants. The antioxidants are compounds, which are capable of removing the free radicals, which are being continuously produced in the body, as a result of metabolic reactions. The best examples of the antioxidants are vitamin C and vitamin E. The fiber decreases the calorie input and therefore prevents the weight gain. The fiber is filling, so that you actually consume lower quantity of the weight gaining foods.

The fiber is useful in diabetes and promotes better glucose tolerance. Since the fiber is not digested, there is lower contribution to the blood glucose levels. Thus, with the fiber, you can manage diabetes in a better way, especially in the beginning stages. The fiber also prevents colon cancer which is quite common in the western population.

Insert more of vegetables and fruits into your diet for better health.