Bristol Palin Deserves to Win Dancing With The Stars

I think Bristol Palin deserves to win on the show Dancing with the Stars. Why …she is definately not the best dancer BUT she has never had any experience AT ALL and all the others have. Yes, even the young kid with the great personality has probably had more experience dancing than Bristol. He’s on a television show on DISNEY which always teaches their starts how to dance…even if they don’t have to do it on the show.

So, people had their mouths wide open when Brandy was voted off…. even I did! But, as I thought about it I realized Bristol is the only person left on the show that’s NOT HOLLYWOOD! People don’t realize when Tom Bergeron announced that the two couples left were not necessarily the lowest voted for it means that Bristol may have received the MOST votes from the viewers. It’s a possibility. Why are people voting for Bristol Palin? I believe there are many reasons. One of the reasons I noted above. Another reason is because people feel sorry for her after all she’s been through. I think the people Bristol should be thanking most is ….David Letterman for his vile remarks about her and her mother. Another person is Joy Behar. Bristol should be thanking her. Joy Behar, who is one of the most extremely jealous woman on television has made vile remarks about Bristol and her mother. Also, all the liberal woman around the country who tried to belilttle her for having a baby out of wedlock. These are the people Bristol should really be thanking….all the people who trashed her mother and her over the past couple of years.

So, yes, I think Bristol Palin deserves to win… and I hope she does. Payback’s a BEHAR!