Broken Families

Now a days divorce and separation between couples are quite common and they broke the family very easily without hesitation. The kids are the sufferers with the parents mistake. Really the kids stage is very miserable after the parents separation, they are living with single parent and miss other one badly and longing for their parents.

The couples who planned for divorce or living separately must think about their kids for a while and realize the pains and vain of the kids due to the parents separation. Each and every  children will prefer to live with both of the parents and need both of the parents love and affection. Parents must realize this and adjust with each other for their kids.

Understanding, trust and adjustment will help us to lead a family life happily. If one of your partner is doing some unwanted things try your maximum to change them with your affection. Divorce or living separately is not a solution for your problem and it will affect your kids a lot. Both the parents must give a lot of importance to their kids and realize their honest feelings and desires and adjust with each other for their kids sake.

The kids from the broken family surely living a painful life, they don’t have the ability to answer other’s questions about their parents. One of my relative separated from his husband and living separately due to some issues. She is having a 5 year old daughter. Every day her daughter is searching for her father and asking a lot of questions about her father. As the little kid don’t know that her parents are separated due to some issues and they will live separately for life long. Kids want the love and affection of both the parents.

The persons who are living separately must realize this honest desire of their kids and change their attitude and live with their partner for their kids sake. Broken family never give any happiness and it will give more pain to the kids. After giving birth to the kids, parents must live their life for their kids sake.