Buck Rogers in The 25Th Century: Space Rockers

It is amazing what a person recalls more strongly over other things.  That is truly what I thought when I put on Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Space Rockers to watch for the first time in more years than I can count.  I laughed because I remembered the entire story, and it isn’t even because it was a great story.  I’m not even sure why it has stayed in my brain; maybe it’s the music.

Space Rockers centers around a 25th century band called Andromeda which is managed by a scheming, power hungry producer played by Jerry Orbach.  Now it could be I remember it because of Orbach, who just looks ridiculous in the ‘hip’ outfit they have him wearing, or it could be one of the other primary players, Nancy Frangione.  I’m not a fan, but I watched her for years on All My Children and I remember her in this as a result.

The music they use for the band is catchy.  It’s a funky tune that is fun to listen to.

The drama comes from Orbach’s scheme to take over Earth.  It doesn’t work, of course, but I do like watching it play out.

Judy Landers has a nice little bit in this show, too, that goes beyond the blonde bombshell bit.