Building Powerful Champion in Ragnarok Online Game

Items that mentioned here can be search on Rate My Server for further information on where and how to get it. This tutorial is made for beginner that want to create Champion job for the very first time. So the item is not great enough to make you survive in PVP. But average monsters and bosses can be killed easily.


-If you making an Asura Champ, you need to increase more Str, Dex and Int to make the asura cast faster and deal great damage.

-Else for Combo Champ, increase Agi, Dex and Int to make fast combo and deal great damage.


1x Mink Coat [1]

2x Clip [1]

1x Mace [4]

1x Shoes [1]

1x Buckler [1]

1x Muffler [1]


1x Hydra card

1x Skeleton Worker card

1x Marina card

1x Andre card

1x Thara Frog card

1x Raydric card

1x Verit card

1x Marc card

2x Kukre card


For Asura Champ

-Prepare Dangerous Soul Collect, Critical Explosion, Asura Strike and Finger Offensive skill and the hotkey.

For Combo Champ

-Prepare Dangerous Soul Collect, Critical Explosion, Chain Combo, Combo Finish, Tiger Knuckle Fist, Chain Crush Combo and Asura Strike.

[Chalenge yourself]

The longest possible combo a Champion may use is Triple Attack -> Chain Combo -> Combo Finish -> Tiger Knuckle Fist -> Chain Crush Combo -> Asura Strike (provided he has the necessary Spirit Spheres)

Can you do it?

What’s important is enjoy the game and improve your character by asking people in that game for what item should be used or what stat should be raised. Good luck and happy gaming.