Buying Wisely

In todays times, we find so many things on the shelves of stores, that we are being tempted to buy. From the very low cost, to the extreme priced things.

So what should we actually buy? Start by looking around you. What country do you live in? Would you not want to support your own city? Or, your own country? If so, then quite naturally you would want to buy products made in your city; and in your country.

The point is this, simply put. If you buy products on a regular basis, from another country, then you are in fact, supporting that country.

Many items, are not “quality” items that come from other countries. Now, i don’t have to spell it out. You know what i am talking about here. If you buy a “fly swatter” that is cheap, and made of poor quality plastic, it will crack and break in a matter of days or weeks. You have just lost your outlay of cash, since you will need to go buy another one. If you choose the same brand and the same type, then you will repeat the process continually.

On the other hand, if you buy a quality product, that is made properly, and out of better materials, this same product may last for months or even years. You have broken the cycle, and have made a wise investment of your cash.

Think wisely, when you go shopping. Some things may take a little more cash up front, but in the long run, you have saved yourself a bundle, especially since the product will normally last several times longer than the brand or type of product made in another country. You are also supporting the country of your choice.

If it’s vegetables, that you are looking at, think before buying. There are vendors at your local farmers market, or road side stands, that may have grown their own vegetables. Buy from them first, if you are intersted in supporting your own city and county.

Don’t use the automatic checkout machines at the grocery store. That machine, is costing someone their job. Instead choose a real life checker to check out at. Of course the wait in line, will sometimes tempt you to use an automatic check out machine, but are you more interested in convenience, or saving someones job? It may take a little longer in the check out line, but personally, i use it myself, even if i have to stand there 20 minutes or longer. I hope that someone else would do the same for me, if my job were threatened.

Use good judgement. If you are going to spend that hard earned cash, then why not use your cash wisely? Buy products that are made in your country to support your country. After all, if you are supporting another country’s products by purchasing them regularly, then what is that country doing for you?