Cache Settings Tab

The Cache Settings tab is essential for improving performance. The Cache Directory is the location where the temporary files are stored. By default, this directory is C:/Program Files/Seagate Software/WCS’ Cache/Temp. Make sure that you locate this directory on a drive that will have sufficient room to store your files. You can also set the Maximum Cache Size in kilobytes. The larger the number, the more drive space you allocate for the storage of the temporary files in the cache. If your storage space is not adequate, older files are automatically deleted from the cache until there ‘ • room to store the newer files. However, if you make the cache settings to large, you risk wasting hard drive space. I suggest 50MB, but you will want t experiment with these settings to find the best cache size for your Web opponent Server.

Web Component Server Tab

The Web Component Server tab sets the location of the HTML Crystal Image (.CKJ) files arc temporarily stored. The Viewer Virtual path indicates the setting for all Report Viewers returned by the Web Component Server. The Server Port is the port number that the Web Component Server listens on for requests from the Web Component Server connector. This is similar to the Page Server tab, but this tab is specific to the Web Components Server.