Cactus, Best Water Purifier in The World?

Researchers at the University of South Florida found that the best water purifier is the species of cactus pear shaped.

An extract of that species, is very effective in the heights both sediment and bacteria in a water is not pure.

Researchers are not alone and realized that plants. In properties the 19th century, communities in Mexico cactus used to remove impurities and filtered H2O.

Gummed side that exists in cacti retains water and which is also responsible and its purification. Scientists have extracted this part of a cactus, and then brought him water had been contaminated with bacteria and residues. Gum extracted from cactus, made the bacteria and dirt to combine and then submit it to the bottom, such filtering by 98%. Next step of the experiment is to test the functionality of natural water procedure. Scientists believe that developing countries, it could be used in everyday life.

Communities in poor countries could cook a portion cut from a cactus such fit the gummed side issue – the necessary purification – in water and add it, as did researchers. But there are barriers that need to get over. What resources would be needed to increase plant widely exactly for this purpose and how people can be sure that water “treated” as it really is truly 100% free bacteria If you would find solutions to these problems, drinking water, obtained at low prices, would be available to millions of people who do not have it right now.

So what do you think? Is cactus the best water purifier in the world?