Cafe World cheats

Many of the Cafe World cheats you can find online requires that you download Cheat Engine and use that program to manipulate the game code. If that is not what you are looking for, or just want to know the best way to cheat in Cafe World without any tools, this article has the best Cafe World Cheats you can find.

The fast server cheat is simple, but very effective. It is a variation of the fast farmer cheat in FarmVille, basically you want to trap your server where he or she can’t reach any tables. The best way of doing this is to trap him or her behind the counters. Move the counters into the corner and trap you server inside. As soon as your server can’t reach the tables, she will start serving guests instantaniously as soon as they sit down. The best part is she will clean the tables just as fast, not wasting any time on running around. Using this cheat you can allow yourself to add lots of tables, and your buzz rating will max out at 105 before you know it.

If you want to hold on to your money a little longer, save the 15 coins it costs to clean the stove after you serve a freshly cooked meal. Instead of having your chef clean the stove, simply move it into your inventory. When you get your stove back from storage, it’s sparkling clean and ready for a new meal. Only use this cheat if you really are looking to build up cash, cleaning the stove the normal way makes you 1 CP, so make sure that is worth it for the 15 coins you’ll save.

If you want to crank up the number of guests in your cafe, just add a second door. Combined with the fast server trick and lots of tables, your cafe will be increadibly busy, you’ll make a lot of coins, tons of CP and your buzz rating will shoot through the roof!

The best way to make lots of coins in Cafe World is by sending ulimited gifts. Gifts in Cafe World make you coins, so by being able to send and recieve unlimited gifts, you and your friends can make some serious cash. To use the cheat, before you have given any gifts, right click on the ‘gifts’ tab on top of the game and select ‘open link in new browser’. This will open the gift giving screen in a new tab in your browser. Repeat this as many times as you’d like. I have tried the cheat with up to 20 different tabs without problems. Once you have all your tabs with the gift giving page open, go back to every single one and select the gift you want to give. Do this for every single tab without confirming the selection. Once you have done this for every single tab, go back again and confirm on each page, selecting who you want to send the gift to. Again, do not confirm the sending of the gift on this page. Do this in every tab again, and when you go back to your first tab, you should be able to confirm the gift and send it from each of your open tabs. This way you can send unlimited gifts to your friends, or if you’d like to receive unlimited gifts, create an alternate gifting account that can send you an abundance of any gift you would like. This cheat only works if you are using Firefox.

These Cafe World Cheats can earn you coins fast and will boost your Cafe Points and Buzz rating. Keep playing Cafe World and enjoy these cheats!