Can God Find You Faithful at Work When He Comes?


The month of November and the holidays that are around the season fill our thoughts with memories of departed and the power of death. Bible says, “Stay awake, then, for you do not know on what day your Lord will come.” (Matthew 24: 42) We are living on this earth with a mission or a work allotted to carry out. From infancy, till we leave this earth, we are expected to be doing something. We are no sure when we will be called back. But God will meet us in our death calling us back from our mission. Jesus tells about this in his parable of faithful servant.

When the master returns

Chapter 24 of the Gospel of Matthew tells clearly about being alert in our life, expecting the arrival of Our Lord. This parable narrates about a master, who had left his household if charge of the servant, may return at any time. If the master finds the servant unfaithful when he returns, he would surely be punished. But he the servant is found to be faithful at work, he would be rewarded and more responsibilities would be allotted to him.  

The Gospel of Luke advises through another parable to be alert and ready for the return of the master as a faithful servant. Jesus clarifies this parable at the request of Peter.

Return at an unexpected time

Both parables say about the return of the master at an unexpected time. It expects the servant to be vigilant. History narrates a lot of incidents about losses when people were not ready. Jesus himself quotes the deluge that took place at an unexpected time, during the time of Noah (Matthew 24:37-39).He says that the master comes at an unexpected time like a thief (Matthew 24:43).

Two kinds of servants

We find in all these parables two kinds of servants: one on alert doing his work and the other negligent in his work. He does not take his master’s words seriously. He depends on human calculations and is addicted to indolence, profligacy, drunkenness and violence. The faithful servant is praised and rewarded and the unfaithful one is thrown out of his job and is punished. By these parables Jesus tells us how we should be ready to be worthy of ht Kingdom of God.(Matthew 8:12, 13:42, 23:13).

Be ready for the second coming of Jesus

The second coming o Jesus my take place at any time. We cannot predict the time and place of our end or death. But they are certain. His second coming will be like a lightning. Although Jesus points primarily to his second coming, it also reminds us of our death. After death, which comes quite unexpectedly, we would be standing before the judgment seat of God.

Being alert

We are in a society on this earth. A family is a miniature of God’s kingdom, father or mother its managers at home. These parables remind us that each and every person on this earth has to carry out his responsibility in the family or society. Faithfulness means carrying out these responsibilities as per the will of God, the master. It also reminds us that more is expected from those who have receives more. Mistakes may crop up while trying to carry out our responsibilities. But we have to rectify them and be sincere in our work.

Live today in the service of Lord and with Him

Let us live today. For, yesterday has gone in a decayed state and it is not going to return. Tomorrow is still unborn and is unsure in a precarious state. Hence let us live today. Let us be sincere to our Lord today. Let us carry out our life faithfully today. Let us live the day with our Lord. The Lord who promised that he will be with us “always until the end of this world” will protect us from every evil and take us to the eternal reward!