Can we Take Pleasure in Earth?

We can take great pleasure in earth’s history and mystic, dating back to pre Christianity, heroes and heroines in courageous pursuit gives flavor to our imagination, but its creativity holds us trance like, with its very wonderful and awe-inspiring beauty.

We admire its heights and depths, from sunsets, to dawn, the moonlight and romance envelope with our very own nature encouraging relationship to prosper, God is love, and in him there is no sin at all, Man with all his imperfection still stands majestically as one of Gods best work.

His creation is perfect, the scales of musical notes whistled by of birds, the humming roaring seas and mountains challenges. Is so full of life and adventure, mankind in their floored nature also has so much to offer each other, that’s why I find it hard to believe that God can hate anyone.

The idea of God hating gays would completely defeat the nature of his very existence. God is love, and we all share those feelings of been loved, unbalance as life may seemed, and yet the redemptive act of Christ brings us even more closer to God, regardless of our faults and failing, yet in his divinity, God has a certain detachment from sin, that keeps us in that ever grateful mode.When all humanity is broken in pieces, God loves the sinner and hates sin, his spiritual laws governs our behavior, so we act in accordance with who we are, and God does not condemn any individual for coming short of his perfect standard.

So it is wrong to pass sentence down upon gays because our best judgments could be clouded and the result is an error that it will lead to further inaccurate conclusions. God does not hate gays, he loves the sinner and hates the sin, but man was born in sin and sharpens in iniquity.

This is true if we stereotyping a person and their character, the media tend to do this regular and get it wrong; Christians are not the judge and jury to discriminate at will. Every person is important, they may behave in different a matter of personal choice and as long as they are fully able to discharge their duties, we should be willing to offer our support.