Carbocisteine Solmux


My 14 years old was suffering from common cold, cough and nasal congestion and since common cold are pretty common in this changing season I went to a nearby pharmacy and asked for a over the counter cough medication and the pharmacist who is a friends of mine recommended Solmux tablets to be taken twice a day. AS my son was suffering from respiratory problems while coughing he adviced me to use Solmux tablets.

Solmux are really effective for quick relief for common cold, just in two days of using Solmux he was relieved of common cold but took some more dosage for getting rid of cough.  The breathing problem eased off with the use Solmux tablets and it was really a great sign of relief for me.

Solmux tablets are very strong and it is strongly recommended to taken the medicine after taking food. Dizziness and nausea are some of the side effects which can be caused by the intake of Solmux tablets if taken on empty stomach.

Cough connected with excessive and tenacious phlegm can be treating with the use of Solmux tablets. Solmux is available both in tablets and syrups (for kids below 10 years of age), so you can choose between the two for better results.

So for whooping cough, common cold, and respiratory problems Solmux is the best over the counter medication you can opt for.