Care Your Hair to Shine in Life

Healthy hair is the symbol of a healthy body. Modern lifestyle is spending considerable time and money in promoting the best methods and styles, products and procedures to manage feathery tresses of women and balding heads of busy men. Fine hair needs more care. Beautiful hair is an important factor of a successful personality.

Hair care for success

It is estimated that humans have about 100,000 hairs on their heads. Shiny hair is a sign of good health because the layers of the cuticle lie flat and reflect light and protect from heat, sun, chlorine, and all the other hazards that can come from living in our environment.  If hair is damaged, the scales may separate and hair becomes dry and gives a dull look. Shiny and healthy hair adds beauty to a person and builds up confidence leading to success in life.

Why hair-care?

Care of the hair and care of the scalp are intertwined because hair grows from beneath the skin. Both should be maintained clean and healthy. If the scalp is not cleaned regularly and the dead skin cells are not removed, toxins such as bacteria, viruses, and chemicals released through the skin or external hazards may create a breeding ground for infection. Head lice and dandruff are found as common complaints of hair care.

Ayurvedic importance to hair care

Ayurveda, an ancient medical system of India, prescribes care of hair as one of the most important requirements of health care. It occupies an important place in modern beauty care and treatment. Ayurvedic hair care is gaining popularity because of its best results and using natural herbs and herbal formulations. Natural herbal treatment of Ayurveda adds beauty and strength to the body, mind and soul.

Globalization has made the modern market flooded with a wide range of beauty products, ointments, lotions, soaps, and other Ayurvedic cosmetics.

Tips for hair care

1) Ayurveda suggests using herbs such as henna, indigo, amla, neem, shikakai, etc.  They are herbs and plants that are usually included in Ayurvedic hair care regimens. An Ayurvedic hair care regimen usually prepare with herbal mixtures and natural oils that serve as tonic to hair.

2) Shampoo is used as a main hair cleanser in the modern lifestyle. Ayurveda suggests shikakai instead of shampoo. If you have to use shampoo go for using sulfate-free shampoo because sulfates dry out your hair and may cause thinning and hair loss.

3) You can train your hair to be less oily in three steps: by using a light conditioner instead of shampoo, by keeping the conditioner on your hair for at least three minutes before you rinse it well in warm water, followed by cold water rinse and by gradually increasing the interval between shampoos, so that you only need to use less shampoo.

4) Rinsing hair thoroughly and gently is very important.  The dirt and grime should completely be removed.

5) It is not advisable to use hot water on your hair and scalp. If you cannot tolerate cold water, you may start out with warm water and end with tepid or cool water for final rinse. 

6) Use a wide-toothed comb to comb through tangles before you rinse your conditioner. Blot or squeeze excess water from your hair and do not rub with a towel, as this will roughen the cuticle.