Celebrate Flag Day Even Though It Isn’t Recognized as a National Holiday

FLAG DAY IS JUNE 14th of EVERY YEAR. It is a day where the American Flag is honored.  It also seems to be a day that goes by unnoticed and people seem to just treat it like an ordinary day at work, home, or school.  This is truly sad! Interestingly, even retail stores don’t seem to promote this actual day, really, although Independence Day is just around the corner, so there are patriotic items in stores for the 4th of July.  We American’s need to show some pride in Flag Day (even though it isn’t a National Holiday) anyway, just like we do for any other patriotic American holiday!  Make Flag Day a special day at work and at home and let’s get it recognized!!  See if your teacher at school will let you have a Flag Day party! Here are some ways to show America you are proud of your Flag and the Day it is honored! 

FLY THE FLAG: Put your American Flag out or on the pole if you have one. If you don’t, go buy one as a family. Remember the rules, if it is raining, don’t put it out to get wet, if it is night, shine a light on it. Don’t let it touch the ground. SOMETHING TO NOTE: If you have an American Flag that is worn and torn, give it to your local boy scouts troop and they will give it honors and properly dispose of it.

DRESS FOR THE OCCASION: Wear Red, White, and Blue patriotic clothing for the day!! Wear our country’s Star’s and Stripe’s colors with pride!

 MAKE A T-SHIRT: The day before, go to a craft store and buy red, white, and blue fabric paints and a $5.00 black t-shirt and paint the American Flag on it in honor of Flag Day. Wear it on all the different American Holidays. (Allow time to dry overnight).  See if your workplace will allow you to have a dress down day for jeans and patriotic shirts.

 PLAY AMERICANA MUSIC FOR THE DAY: Go to your library and check out CD’s that have the Theme Songs of the Different Branches of the Military, like “Anchor’s Away” so your kids can learn about that. Play Music like “I’m proud to be an American” by Lee Greenwood, and “America the Beautiful.” Learn to appreciate music other than the daily stuff you listen to.

EXPAND YOUR KNOWLEDGE: Go to your library and Learn about the origins of our American Flag(s) or Betsy Ross. Check out a book to read about the writing of our National Anthem, “The Star Spangled Banner,” by Francis Scott Key. Read about why our colors are red, white, and blue.  The possibilities are endless!  Plan for kids and parents alike to tell the family about what they’ve learned at a festive patriotic meal you’ve planned. Have everyone read some interesting facts or trivia that maybe most people aren’t aware of. Your family will enjoy learning something new about this important day in America.

 MAKE PATRIOTIC FOOD:  See my Bukisa articles on making a Patriotic Poke Cake and a Patriotic Jell-O Fruit Salad.

BAKE:  Bake an American Flag Cake, Cupcakes or Cookies.  Put sparklers in the Cake or cupcakes and light them when it is time to eat or pass out your goodies in your classroom on Flag Day.

LEND A HELPING HAND: Start volunteering in your area to help people at not-for-profit agencies. Volunteer as a family. Rake leaves or shovel snow or wash a neighbor’s car for free. Encourage your kids to talk about what they are doing on Flag Day when they have “show and tell” at school. Give financially. Start a drive to send items needed at your local Food Bank. Have your kids write and tell President Obama what they are doing or did. Their mail may never reach the eyes of the President himself, but one of his staff will read it…and you never know!! The fact is, they are helping Americans and that is a good thing!

 PRAY FOR AMERICA: Don’t take this lightly. There is power in prayer. God has put our military and President in power (no matter if you like it or not) and they need prayer for safety, to protect this nation, and make good decisions. The Bible says, “Prayer changes things.” Pray. Teach your children to pray for the Military, Veteran’s, the President and their families.

Come up with your own ideas! Kids often have VERY creative ideas! Have fun and Happy Flag Day! Check out my other holiday celebration article ideas in Bukisa!