Celebrating Eight Months At Bukisa

It has been eight months at Bukisa and also a learning and a rewarding experience. Trying to write articles and come up with catchy titles that will interest my fellow writers enough to click on, read and hopefully leave a comment has been great. However I had hoped to have published more articles than I have, but I realize that is nobody’s fault but mines. I do have a whopping total of 32 articles and a few poems included. I know this could be alot better considering I have a full time job, a family to care for and other pressing issues, I will not beat myself up too bad.

I must admit Bukisa has been a great place to meet new friends, explore different writing skills, learn about different and interesting subjects and earn a few cents while doing so. I look forward to making my first year and to see how many more informative articles and inspiring poems I can create between now and then.

I’m also looking forward to posting a follow up to this article in May. I will entitle it “Celebrating One Year at Bukisa” I think I will go out and celebrate when I hit that milestone and I also hope you will stop by to read that article as well.

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