Cellucor M5 2 in 1 Ignite Plus Build Supplement Review

Up for review today only at supplement reviews head quarters is Cellucor M5 Extreme 2-in-1 Ignite + build. A little background info about this product, initially Cellucor M5 was created as a creatine blend product however some time later on they made a decision to make it as a two part preworkout and creatine product. The bottom level is the “Build” creatine mix and then the top part is an “ignite” preworkout tub which has a separate scoop. The idea behind this really is to provide a better value to the customer, as opposed to having to buy a separate pre-workout and creatine, you simply get a two in one supplement. Creatine increases physical response to resistance training along with increased muscle strength.


The chrome is very eye catching and the design around the container resembles carbon fibre. I am not really a big fan of the chrome plastic, I actually liked the old metallic/aluminum tubs. The overall look is fine its what’s within the package that makes a difference.


I got the Cherry limeade flavor and I am kinda let down. The package demands 2 scoops “ignite” and a single scoop “build” to be mixed with ten to tweleve ounces of water. I’m not a major fan of sour tasting things and this flavor is unquestionably sour making it very hard for me to drink. I tried using a little more wateras opposed to the recommended amount and then the taste was considerably more bearable. I know they offer several flavors which can be better, a friend of mine really enjoys the fruit punch flavour.


I began making use of this product half way through my bulk, at that point my bulk was slowly stalling and I wasn’t making the gains I was in the beginning. By the end of the first week of using Cellucor M5 I put on about 2 lbs which was great! I know a little bit was caused by water gain but some was certainly muscle gain considering that my lifts went up. before I go on with this I wanted to mention that I am relatively caffeine tolerant so tread carefully lol. I was a little bit let down with the “ignite”, although it had an ok kick nonetheless it does not measure up to their C4 preworkout supplement. The separate preworkout gives you a little more oomph in the pump area.


The retail pricing is $89.99 for 30 servings however fortunately for everyone Cellucor is offering coupon code “SRHQ” which gives you 20% off plus free shipping, you can also find it at our supplement reviews HQ store or amazon where its around $60-75. Cellucor product prices are greater than the competition nonetheless they also use premium quality substances. This is a great product for the money if you buy it online not retail, that being said it would be a greater value for less money.

Final Words:

Over-all Cellucor M5 Extreme 2-in-1 Ignite+build is a good bang for the buck even though we would enjoy it much more if it was a little bit cheaper. The creatine component gave very good improvements and the “ignite” does it’s job if you are not caffeine tolerant like myself.


– Great results, strength and muscle growth

– Resourceful product, preworkout and creatine bundled
– catchy appearance


– Cherry limeade flavour is too sour

– a bit on the expensive side, but can be had at a lower cost online (still not college student budget friendly though)