Changing Cell Phone Numbers

Some persons are interested in changing their mobile numbers frequently as well as switch to the operator which gives more offers like free sms, talk time, internet browsing and others. They change their number and buy a new number with the provider which is giving good offers. This kind of activities will give lot of irritation to the friends and relatives, as they don’t know the stable and proper number of the person and it is hard to contact them in the emergency situation.

If some of our friend is in this sort, we are in need to save all his/her numbers in our cell and it will take more memory space, as well as we don’t know what is the exact cell phone number of the person at present, because s/he may change her/his number based on the current trend or offer.

We must surely avoid this kind of habit, if we have it. Now a days mobile portability is quite common in most of the countries and we have the ability to change our service provider without changing the number. We can change our service provider easily and effectively by sending a sms or making a call to the customer care. Our service provider will be changed within a day if we requested for it.

This option is the best one for the persons who are changing their number frequently, because we are not in need to change the number simply we can change our provider and join with the provider which is giving more offers. By doing this, our number never changed as well as it is easy for our friends and relatives to contact us at any time without any confusions. 

Simcard are available with low cost, so only some people are interested in changing it frequently and buying a new sim card whenever they are interested in changing their number. But this kind of activities will give some unwanted issues to us, it is very hard to give our new number to each and every friends and relatives, we may miss some of our good friends by doing this activity. Better to keep the same number for a long time and change our service provider based on the trend and offer. It is the smart way to get the benefits.