Character Assassination – Out of Darkest Before The Dawn 2

Puji body suddenly slumps down waive any squeeze. But the woman’s body was bent, and hurried over to the groin Suro. Inevitably her mouth, devouring tense muscles …. instantly SuroSuro vital muscle was stretched ….. more and more tense ….Puji suck it and licks, made ​​as if floating Suro was the seventh sky. …. “really great woman, Ouuuhhh …..” sighed Suro in the liver.

Puji is releasing the game now, its suck at the Suro vital tool is very tense and hardened it is ready to be fired. Puji is now lying on a thin mattress ready for the arrival of little arms with my eyes closed Suro …. Puji The thighs are smooth and white has been thrown wide, gaping hole looks so beautiful, lush grass behind decorate it.

Suro immediately move quickly in order not to miss the boat, gently rest on the Puji and full of feeling. “Aaaaaahhhhhhh ……”, the hiss of Puji spoiled. Suro back to kissing and licking nipples breast Puji which had been already hardened it. Slowly but surely the muscles are tensed Suro enter the cave through the hole that had opened it. Was warm and a little hot when it enters the cave hole, the incomparable pleasure of rubbing each other…. While they embrace the pleasure of the night was getting cold. Movement for movement has been exceeded, back and forth from Suro, making dreams lulled Puji the beautiful. Puji too, without given a command to align the movement of Suro, the pleasure it was to be many times perceived by both sides.

Movement with a sense of love mixed with lust Suro and Puji to the strains of melodious tones of love and melancholy, up and down, with the butt of Puji followed by movement of the swirling below to Suro in spite of all thirst. Finally reached climax together after some friction occurred with marked soft and serene white discharge from both sides. “…… Aaaaaaaaahhhh…..Uuuuuhhhhh…..”, both about the same low voice.

Moaned tenderly had burned the blood. They fly. Flying so far…away….Puji Wardani the mighty flight obtain joy and well built. They knit the threads of a dream. They sneak in between laments and snorting fire. Puji Wardani feasted in the expanse of skin Suro Bodong. He is more skilled. Because it included women tasteful. She is a woman who had a myriad of tastes and means. Suro Bodong let himself be used once the foundation of happiness for a moment to make her seizures. Until they were completely snatched breath, weakness hunt.

“I’m leaving tonight,” Suro said after they wiped the sweat off each other.

“I’m coming,” said Puji, as he wiped the sweat rolling down his body Suro Bodong.
“Don’t go. I will hunt him! I’ll drag him here, in order to revenge satisfied. “
“But he’s dangerous, Suro. I do not want you to hit the shot again,” Puji Wardani showed her concern.
“Ah, I’m not going to do foolish for the second time. I will use my brain. Yesterday, uh … this morning …. I also left my brain in the room. So I’ve got a power punch it. “
“Just don’t. Do not chase him. Let my father would later persuade him to accept the offer Pragulo. “Suro Bodong wrinkled forehead. “Who? Pragulo? “Puji Wardani nodded. Her crying had stopped earlier. Not the tears that came out again, but the sweat!