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Want to spent vacations in South Africa, you must start with Johannesburg. It is the largest city and the provincial capital of Gauteng in South Africa. Known as Jozi, Jpo’Burg and Egoli, it is a wonderful destination in South Africa.

Book Cheap flights to Johannesburg, cheap flight deal to South Africa is available from every city of UK. All airlines are available from Edinburgh, Liverpool, Glasgow, New Castle, Gatwick, etc. The airlines that are available from these cities are Qatar Airways, Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, Etihad, etc. But there are very direct flights available from UK to Johannesburg; that are British Airways and South African Airways.

All these airlines are providing cheap flights to Johannesburg with good in-flight services. Airfares for both business class and first class are also very cheap. Even the middle class travelers can take advantage of these cheap airfares and can travel in business class and first class flights. Both the domestic and international flights are routed to O.R Tambo International Airport.

Johannesburg is a beautiful city which offers various things to do and see.

Tourist attractions:

Kruger National Park: The largest game reserve in South Africa has 1,982 species of plants. You can see African Buffalos, Giraffes, Black Rhinoceros, Bushbucks, Cheetahs, Impalas, etc.

Apartheid Museum: Apartheid Museum is must to visit.

Gold Reef City: Largest amusement park located on an old gold mine. Jozi Express, the Anaconda, the River Rapids, the Tower of Terror are some of the popular rides.

Johannesburg Zoo: It has a large variety of wild animals. It contains white lion and Siberian tigers. There are 3000 different species of wild animals.

It would be better if you book two way flights, as it will be of low cost. Qatar Airways stops at Doha, Emirates at Dubai, Ethiopian at Addis Ababa, Etihad at Abu Dhabi. While flying for Johannesburg, you will also get the opportunity to explore these cities.

Take the advantage of cheap flights to Johannesburg to watch FIFA World Cup 2010. Holiday packages are also available with some travel companies, choose the best one for you. Finding cheap Johannesburg flights is a lot easier if you know when and how to go about looking. Take the advantage of advance technology and book cheap flights online from any corner of UK.

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