Cheap, Inexpensive Christmas Gift Ideas For Fellow Employees

Most of us are trying to find ways to save money this Christmas; however, we find that our Christmas gift list has not really grown any shorter. There are, for example, fellow employees in our work place for whom we would like to give at least a small Christmas gift. Nevertheless, in these tough economic times, even purchasing a small gift can be a financial burden. Following are some inexpensive ways you can give your fellow employees a nice Christmas present without breaking the bank.

For the coffee lover
You can purchase an inexpensive coffee mug at any consignment or thrift store. For example, the Salvation Army in my area of Northeast Tennessee holds an annual Christmas bazaar every year. The money collected helps the Salvation Army, and shoppers can find great items for just a fraction of the cost charged by the large retail stores. Many of the participants in the sale have Christmas decorating items, including Christmas mugs. I bought a really nice Christmas mug last year for just 25-cents, and it did look brand new. You can then go to your local grocery store and find small sample bags of flavored coffees, which you can place in the mug for your coworker. I have done this and never spent over $5.00. (Hint: If you co-worker is not a coffee drinker, get hot chocolate mix to fill the Christmas mug.)

For the chocolate lover
Purchase a Christmas mug, as described above. Fill with various types of chocolates. Once again, you can do this for about $5.00.

For the herb lover
You can make herbal baths and sachets for even less than $5.00 per person, especially if you have your own herb garden. Visit your local craft store. In the bridal section, you will find organza bags that brides usually fill with rice or even gifts for their attendants. These bags come in a variety of colors and have their own drawstrings. They are normally sold in quantities of 12, so you will have enough to make some as stocking stuffers for family members as well. You will wind up paying about 50-cents per bag. Simply fill with some aromatic dried herbs. The recipient of the gift can use this as a sachet or drop it directly into their bath water for a fragrant herbal bath.

For the gardener
Gardeners will always appreciate any little thing for their gardens. You can find a small pail in which you can put seeds and gardening gloves. (Do not buy gardening tools when you are trying to save money. Cheap, inexpensive gardening tools will usually not last long enough for the gardener to dig up even one plant.) You can also find some root stocks, such as daylilies, which your gardening buddy would love to have to plant in the spring.

There is no reason that you should feel that you must spend a lot of money on co-workers – or even family and friends, for that matter. By using your imagination and being a little creative, you can give great Christmas gifts and still save money. Christmas, after all, is not about the amount of money you spend.

Tip: Christmas ornaments make great, inexpensive Christmas presents, and your coworker will remember you each time they decorate their tree.