Chia seed contains Omega-3 fatty acids, a polyunsaturated fats which mainly  reduces high cholesterol  which cause blockage blood vessels of heart and create infarct and heart attack. They even reduce inflammation. Chia seed lipid profile composed of 60 percent of omega-3s which makes them the richest plant based source of these fatty acids. So chia seeds are good for not depositing cholesterol on heart vessels and preventing heart disease. Chia seed is rich in fibres which are helpful in reducing inflammation, lowering cholesterol level, good for gatrointestinal problems.2 tablespoons of chia seed contains whooping 10 grams of fiber. This solves one-third of the daily need of fibre.Chia seeds are rish in anti oxidant, thus useful in portecting body from cancer, and portects from free radicals which causes blood vessels damage leading to heart disease and hypertension.Chia seeds prevents ageing because they contain immensae of anti-oxidants.Chia seeds contains minerals which are useful in preventing hypertension,obesity. The minerals in chia seed are 18 percent DRI of calcium, 35 percent DRI of phosphorous, 24 percent DRI of magnesium, 50 percent DRI of manganese.It also helps in regualtion enrgey metabolism which is helpful in hormonal diseases and synthesis of part of DNA. Chia seeds brings satiety, the feeling of being full and satisfied, that reduces  intake of food, lowers food carvings between meals.So chia seed is a good diet regulatory substance which reduces calories and reduces body weight.

Thus substituting chia seed oil as edible oil in the place of sunflower oil ,corn oil, or other prevents high triglyceride level  and heldpful in reducing central obesity.