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Frequently Asked Question 6

What are my different options for a finishing system?

Okay, this is our number two system. It’s not as costly but it still has the same, a lot of the same benefits. Instead of the fabric being stretched over the one in acoustical board, we use a different sub-straight. This is how we join the panels, we fabric cover this strip which makes a nice transition and to get it off you unhook this, goes into a groove then this panel lifts out and then your foundation wall would be exposed. The same thing identical system is on the bottom. The main difference of this is two things; number one instead of the one in acoustical board, we have a hardened surface and scorning material and this fabric is glued on and it’s harder to dent. It’s less expensive because the acoustical board isn’t in it and that holding track system is expensive in itself. You have the benefits, not the acoustics but a nice looking system and provides removability too.
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