Child Stars Who Haven’t Figured Out that They Aren’t Famous Anymore

When someone talks about a child making some big moves in Hollywood, they are highly appreciated because they’re making six digits at tender ages. But, big roles in small ages are actually a curse. The children become too dependent on the fame and fortune and the parents are just crazy about all the cash flowing into their pockets. This leads to drug abuse on the child’s part and a quick spiral down to the bottom of the barrel. After that, their entire adult life is about trying to be slightly relevant again. Let’s talk about some child stars that have been trying to slide into the news in their adulthood. They do succeed, but not in a good way.


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Feldman is a guy that has been trying desperately to clutch on to his fame. The guy transformed himself to Michael Jackson to stay relevant, what can you expect? From tearful videos to sad funding campaigns, Feldman is not a good coach when it comes to refining your career.


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From awkward interviews to plastic surgeries and public flashing – Reid has done everything on the to-do list to go down in history as completely and utterly irrelevant. She did have a good run in the American Pie, but that’s all she was able to do. After her role from the movie was finished, that’s where her career got sidetracked and it hasn’t been able to recover ever since.


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If you were to compare Reid and Lohan, it would be like they’re twins. Lohan constantly teased her old Mean Girls’ fans that she’s about to make her big comeback. First with her great movie that was never made and then with her husband’s Russian connections who she divorced. She even announced that she converted to Islam. The news of which spread like wildfire, but it didn’t do anything for her career. So, yeah, things aren’t great for her.


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Bonaduce had a good run with The Partridge Family. But, in his own book, he said that his career halted after that. He said that in a period of 12 years between ’74 and ’88, he worked a total of 20 weeks. His divorce, drug addiction and suicide attempt leaves no room for further elaboration.


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This guy is as big a douche as you can be. He hasn’t done anything remotely interesting after his role as Screech. He claimed that he released a sex tape, claimed that he wasn’t the dude in it, claimed to go to jail for stabbing a guy and then claimed that it was just an exaggeration. Need we say more?


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Carter does deserve some props. He didn’t do anything “too” embarrassing to get his fame back. The guy was a child artist and sang a great song about candy. It was a hit and he didn’t make anything else till 14 years later. His new album wasn’t even remotely good, he got embarrassed in public with a breakup and got busted for drugs. It might not be too much to think that that was all she wrote for this guy’s fame.


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The kid from Jerry Maguire, who can forget him? This little guy also played the blond kid from Stuart Little and that is pretty much all he has done. Years later, he tried to resurface as a MMA expert. When asked about why he doesn’t fight professionally, he said he was busy filming when all he’s done is lame indie spinoffs and copies of famous shows.


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This guys career took a turn for the worse when he had a wake-up calls and become a legit christian. While there’s nothing wrong with portraying your religion, Cameron did it by openly disrespecting the gay community and insulting the very people that were planning to cast him in promising roles. He’s now selling online marriage counseling guides to make a living.


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Just like Kirk Cameron, she is another star that purposes flushed her career down the toilet. She was starring in great projects like Grey’s Anatomy and The Ugly Truth. Both of which were classics, but during that time, she became notorious for being difficult to work with. As soon as Shonda Rhimes, a fellow colleague from Grey’s Anatomy sounded off about her behavior, her career suddenly declined and its now almost non-existent.


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To put it bluntly, the famous kid from Two and a Half Men is not a kid and neither famous anymore. He also had some sort of awakening and tried to persuade people not to watch his only accomplishment. He tried to get back on to Two and a Half Men, later. However, his only work since then is a webshow. That goes to show how well his career is going.


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Another decent career gone the way of drugs. Jeremy was the start of our TV screens ba

ck in 1991 with Baywatch. He helped make modern television what it is today, but there’s no one else to blame for the destruction of his career. Jeremy used any drug he could get his hands on. Methamphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy, he even got arrested for stabbing two people.


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Now, the E! logo behind might make it seem like this guy is relevant, well he’s not. Bryan was great on Home Improvement, but he was just defined by his one role and you know that’s how careers go to waste. He was called one of the most  unimpressive actors ever. That’s gotta sting.


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Being a host of America’s Got Talent is not a very difficult job. All you have to do is read out names they whisper in your ear and act surprised and say “how is he doing that?” Then, he managed to say something racial and then eventually quit. He said that he didn’t want to be treated that way and thought that people would line up against NBC. Didn’t happen, instead he killed his own career.


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You might know her from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and from her small part in The Social Network where she blowed a guy in a restroom. That’s pretty much it. She uses friendships with Miley Cyrus and relationships to gain the spotlight to lose it a few days later.


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Drake is a prime example of why kid shows end careers. He was on the much liked Drake and Josh. After that, he has been trying to sneak some attention by dissing a few celebrities on Twitter. Sadly, it hasn’t gotten him anywhere.