Choose And Install Battery of Motorcycle

Although a battery of motorcycles and other types of batteries are batteries while slower and eventually lead, as in this case is the last, designed by streams that plates of cont of conductivity sulphate later from tablasdisminuir slowly. In this article you will find useful information to select, install and manage their next battery.

The choice of the correct size:

Choose the right size bicycle battery, it is necessary to know the cold start amps (CCA) bicycle. Technically speaking, the number of amps gives a battery CCA leads to 0 ° F for 30 seconds and can be operated at least 1.2 volts per cell. Locate the CCA is claimed, should be an action only length, width and height in cavities.

Basic principles for a comprehensive and includes:

When it comes to replacing the battery in your bike, do not remove the battery when it is running. If for some reason, there is no fee, always remove the negative cable from the positive. If this is the cable drums, order and install new positive before negative. Warning to identify the positive and negative terminals before the cable. Accidentally, reverse polarity can battery explode or much damage to the electrical system from your bike.


If the battery does not start or boring, you can load only. Always check the voltage of the battery in your bike before loading and never the battery in a flow of more than 1/6 the voltage on the battery. Battery amp hours, should load power supply for more than 1 and 7. It has a battery of 6 amp, you can transfer a maximum of 3 amperes. Therefore offers more battery offers 1/2 amps maximum amp 2 load current. NOTE: DO NOT USE A CHARGER CAR IN THEIR SPORT SEALED BATTERY EVER. Although he seems to have the load as a simple process, as a general rule, always use an eye and smoking protective clothing if you work your voice with explosive gases.

You also warrant that all of the electrolyte in the Board for the addition of water and associated fees. A access to water, ensure Stoppers ventilation before installation. Open the CAP without the bicycle or any type of ventilation of vehicle battery battery. If it has not completed before the Chargers with burdens wire of the battery.

Activate the new battery:

If he has recently been a conventional battery-the battery of your bike, activate. Activate a sealed battery not charging the battery for optimal functionality and in the process of adding acid. Allow the holder of the battery for 30 minutes, and then, in order to charge the battery 3 and 5 hours approximately 1/6 of the nominal capacity to do this, remove the tube filling and sealing of plug-ins, fill the electrolyte in the battery. Sealed batteries require much less maintenance cycle and never more electrolytes.

If you must charge the battery in a consistent manner, it is probably time to replace stuck when you are done. Ensure that the new battery has a long life, you need to find the right size for your bike and not overload. Are the two most common causes of a decrease in battery life with a battery that is too large for your bike or overloading of the battery. Choose the right battery to spend a little time now means pleasant years enjoy free stress driving motorcycles in the future