Choose Your Pefect Wedding Theme

Beach Theme Wedding: Whether you plan a beach wedding on a tropical island, a cruise ship wedding, or even a beach resort, you have a lot of options in choosing wedding favors, your gown and decorations. You can choose weddings favors such as Personalized Beach Theme cookies in the shape of bathing suits, shorts or umbrellas. Flip Flop coasters or candles to fashion the tables, or maybe even Custom Labeled Sparkling Water Bottles instead of Wine Bottles. Your centerpieces can be Miniature Palm Trees or any other tropical flower such a Birds of Paradise. The lighting can consist of Round Paper Lanterns if you are having a more informal or beach side wedding. Your gown can be free flowing and breezy using a light fabric such as chiffon.

Fairytale Theme: There probably won’t be a day when you feel more like a princess than your wedding day. To bring the fantasy of a fairy tale wedding to life, it doesn’t take a castle or a white horse, just a little attention to the details. Choose a dress with cap sleeves, a corset, or elaborate beading to give it the princess look. For decorations, garlands of pink roses, and gold ribbon. Place large glass bowls of water with floating candles or flowers on tables for the centerpieces. Instead of round tables, go for long banquet tables. Serve wine in large studded goblets. Use a castle or horse-drawn carriage as a motif for invitations, programs, and party favors.

Asian Theme: Beautiful sandalwood hand fans are wonderful for outdoor, summer weddings. Frosted Chinese takeout box candle holders set the mood. Custom fortune cookies are the perfect way to end a dinner. Asian theme wedding favors commonly feature bright colors and nature motifs. Red and gold are celebratory colors in many Asian cultures, representing happiness and prosperity. You can opt for Mini Bamboo Plants, Mini-Teapots accompanied with some fresh loose green tea, engraved wooden chopsticks, or even Mini-Asian Inspired Designed Candles.

Decade Theme: The Roaring 20’s all the way through to 80’s Retro make a wedding fun and fabulous! For the Roaring 20’s hire a jazz band, and teach everyone the Charleston. For décor, think art deco. Ostrich feathers and strings of pearls make appropriate table decorations. For fun, set out a few decks of playing cards, or a game of croquette.

How about 40’s Swing? Hire a Big Band and ask the gentleman guests to wear baggy suits and the ladies vintage dresses. Decor should be simple and modest; some understated flowers in a classic glass vase, and candlelight.

Psychedelic 60’s: For all you hippies out there, this is the perfect wedding theme. Peace and Love is the overall theme of a 60’s style theme wedding. Dress up the reception with wild flowers and a dove motif for a softer look. Or to go all out, use lava lamps in the centerpieces, peace signs, and happy faces on programs, and place cards. For party favors you can make tye dye shirts or even mood enhancing incense kits. Instead of the limo or horse and carriage you can rent a VW Beetle to drive off in the sunset together.

70’s Disco: Strobe lights, a disco ball and you’re set! Have the DJ teach your guests to *Do the Hustle*! For favors, try to find fun, nostalgic 70’s novelty items, such as lava lamps, 8-track tapes, latch-hook rugs, and mini disco balls.

Retro 80’s: Since the 80’s is still a pretty recent decade, creating an 80’s theme should be quite easy. A tribute to the 80’s would definitely have to include music from the decade. That should be easy since 80’s music is the most fun to dance to anyway! For fun favors and table decorations, send guests down memory lane with items like Rubik’s Cube, some garbage pail kids trading cards, He-Man and She-Ra action figures, and Bubblicious bubble gum.