Choosing A Used Car For The Best Price- Blue Book Value of Used Cars

Best Blue Book Value for Used Cars: -A Guide to Kelley Blue Book

The Kelley car company that started in the year 1918 by a dynamic young man called Les Kelley with just three model T fords in an open lot and with an initial investment of $450, has since been turned to be the largest appraiser of the automobiles in the United States of America known as the Kelley blue book. The Blue Book value has been recognized as the standard indicative price for both used as well as the new automobiles the world over. The success of this company that had a very humble beginning but destined to be the greatest valuer of used and new automobiles and the most popular auto Blue Book in the world is a story of great dedication, service and commitment.


The  kelley blue book intended to be a guide for the used cars for a lay man was first published by Les kelley in the year 1926.  The unique service offered by the company was more or less  confined to the local area and as such was a regional publication  until the great boom for the used cars started in the middle  fourties following the culmination  of the world War ii  and as a result of the war time rationing  and consequent pending orders besides  the demand from the returning servicemen. The company got a break in its business and the blue book  got recognised as a national automobile appraisal guide ever since.

The scope and the coverage of this valuable publication grew over the years and the blue book added new car appraisals in the year 1966. This was  followed by the addition of many other vehicles like motorcycles, mobile homes and recreational vehicles in the years that followed.. The publication that was only a trade publication until the year 1993 was offered for the millions of consumers the world over by the release of its consumer edition in that year.

The blue book soon became the best selling automative book, finding a place in the USA today best selling list. Soon  the blue book  was made  available in book stores,auto suply stores and other locations featuring 15 years of used car value for more than 10000 models of cars, trucks and  vans.Kelley blue book value has since become synomous with the used car industry.

Kelley blue book goes online:-

.Kelley blue book realized and seized the  opportunity to peneterate to the ever increasing consumer market through   the world wide web that introduced  the cross section of the consumers to the new and the most popular media of Internet. The company succeeded in  connecting the retailers and the consumers with the launching of the . Running on a single P.C. the web site  offered the new car prices in the year 1995 and the popular used car values in the year that followed . starting with a modest 20000 visitors in a month to the site, the traffic  has since reached the figure of seven million visitors a day.  One in every three consumers of automobile industry in the USA make use of this informative site.  Though the online Blue book Value of automobiles  was initially offered by the company for a nominal fee of $3.95 , respecting the sentiments and demands of its own customers the service was made free with the help of advertisments and partners and today the pricing report is absolutely free for the  visitors of this site.

As a result of the proliferation of the internet users and web masters the challenging task was to make the information available  on  the site in an organzed way. In a medium where around 100 pages of information is offered for every living person on earth the task is indeed  difficult. The innovative management of this car blue book solved this puzzle by acquiring a company called CDM data that facilitated  the auto dealers to take pictures of vehicles , and upload the same with  the detailed infornation to the web for the benefit and use of the ever increasing  consumers.


How kelley blue book works?

Kelley blue book is a wonderful user friendly appraiser guide for the automobile seller and buyer. It is easy to follow and simple to use.The blue book is updated and published twice a year and contain information on the values of car manufactured during the past 15 years.The blue book offers several different prices like retail prices , trade in price and private sale price. While the retail priice is the price you are expected to pay for a vehicle at a used car dealership, the trade in price is the price that a dealer would offer in . trade value. The term private sale price indicates the price one can expect toget for one’s car if he/she sells the car to another person.

The used car guide in the blue book offers tables and charts to facilitate calculation of the price of the various models based on the mileage , the condition and other relevant factors. It gives a description of the above factors in pricing the car.  Information on the motor cycle and ,Rv, and older used cars is given seperately in the guide book and not in the web site.

The blue book also gives a section that expalin how to use the book.The cars are listed by the name of the manufacturer and then by the model alphabetically.  The entire exercise is menu driven and very easy to use and understand.

You need to select the “used cars” and then the “get blue Book Values” and followed by the year make and model of the car from the drop down menu. The next page gives the type of price you need to know say trade in, private, and retial. Other information required to be given are engine, transmission, mileage and Zip code. One can also select the different options attched to the vehicle . After choosing the “condition”of the vehicle one can click the “Get report”.

Unlike in this case of new cars where the blue book collects the data analyze and comes out with the a price that reflects the actual price, in the case of used car the blue book relies on its 75 years of car appraisal experience to arrive at the price. It takes into consideration the original price and the market factors that play at the time of assessment of the price.

The Kelley blue book in the process of facilitating the Blue Book Value of Cars also categorizes the Car into four major grades based on the condition of the vehicle. They are excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor. You can determine the condition and the grade based on a quiz given on the site of this most popular auto blue book or by comparing with the various descriptions of each grade detailed in the site.