Choosing The Best Used Car- All That You Wanted to Know About Buying The Right Used Car

Used cars an intelligent choice: –

Buying used cars may be a wise choice should we plan it properly and all the necessary steps followed, that may even fetch a used car warranty,  though many people feel that buying used cars is worry invited. Whether used one or a new one any mechanical device can give you problem any time and used cars are no exception. People choose to buy used car for two reasons; first, they do not have enough resources to go for a new one, quite often the chosen brand and the second the intended car is for limited use say for a college going son or daughter and investing huge sum is not worth and the resultant savings can be put into better use. In either case the consideration is economy. It is wise to get a free vehicle history report before one chooses a used car. The choice for a used car quite often is not unwise since it gives you the comfort of your brand at lesser cost   with warranty and other attractive offers. It is not the choice for the used car that is unwise but the unwise planning for the purchase of the used car. Investing some time on net to research on used cars may be wise proposition once you have made up your mind for a used car. . Ensure value for your hard earned money and always follow the accepted precautions and steps in choosing the best value used car.

Tips for inspecting and test-driving a used car: –

The engine the prime consideration in a vehicle , needs to be smooth and silent in idle condition and the clutch change need to be smooth and without grinding. Drive the vehicle on a flat surface to get a feel of the car. While test driving on a smooth flat surface leave the wheel free and see whether the car goes straight, if it pulls in either direction it is an indication of front end alignment problem that has to be taken care of.

The engine on warm up needs to be silent to ensure that the engine is in good condition. On putting the vehicle in neutral and thereafter on reversal there should not be excessive emission of white or bluish smoke that fore warns problems with engine or the need for an overhaul

The next step is to test the breaks. Accelerate the vehicle from 35 to 45 miles per hour and break suddenly by stepping hard on the brake pedal.  The car needs to slow down in a straight line and any pulling to the left or right indicates the need for the break adjustment. While driving around 30 to 35 miles per hour the car need to be silent and any whining sound from the rear end indicates worn out pads or linings that need to be replaced. While in acceleration at around 40 to 45 miles per hour if the front end shakes it is an indication for the need of balancing the tires.

If the car bumps and bounces at small bumps the shock absorber is in bad condition. Always remember to check the temperature gauge to see that it shows a normal reading. If the reading is high and warning signals are on problems exist with the cooling system of the vehicle and it can make a dent into your purse later on. Getting a used car warranty for the vehicle need to be the prime consideration in spite of the top condition of the car.

Peep into the interior: –

A peep into the interior would give you a fair idea of the condition of the vehicle if you possess detective eyes. First check the mileage of the car and compare the same with the service stickers to see any wide variations. If possible get a service history from the service center. Though there are chances for odometer fraud a close examination can bring into light whether it is new or old. The accepted average miles per year for normal usage is around 10000 to 12000 miles and that can be taken as a benchmark in assessing the mileage. The seats, belts and carpets need to be in good shape and the upholstery need to be clean and without rips or cracks. The windows are to be opened smoothly and glasses need to be without cracks and scratches. Make sure that the air conditioner is effective and blowing cool air for longer time. Ensure that the warning lights are in working condition and the owner’s manual is present in the glove box. A thorough examination of the interior would bring out any serious problems that require immediate attention.

 Inspecting the Outside of a Car?

Always inspect the car during daytime since darkness may hide the problems. Further the car should not be inspected in the rain or in poor daylight that may hide the nicks and scratches. Keep a checklist for the inspection of the car to avoid any lapse in inspections.

While inspecting the exterior look for   any fitted panels, ripples or different color shades. All the above indicate a repair done to the body. Also inspect for any rust at the bottom of the doors. In case the rust has made deep into the metal you could face major repairs later. Any signs of welding on the frame suggest major accidents.

Examine the car from a normal distance to ensure that it is level. A broken spring or chassis problem can be judged from the uneven corners. The shock absorbers need to be verified by pushing the car down on each corner. The car may bounce only once upward if the shocks are in good condition else it may bounce many times.

The tires shouldn’t have sidewall cracks. Improper wheel alignment can be assessed by uneven tire wear. The inside of the tires also need to be checked to ensure that there is no brake fluid leakage. See the condition of the trunk and also ensure that there is no odor or mildew .In these days of floods and hurricanes and also in the backdrop of increasing used car scams make sure that you are not getting a Katrina (flooded) vehicle. The jack and other accessories need to be there in the car so also the toolbox or kit.

Make use of the VIN: –

Making use of the vehicle identification number (VIN) to get the free vehicle history report that would save you from many embarrassments later. The VAN will help you to know the insurance salvage history, stolen car, odometer frauds, insurance claims, flood damage and multiple owners and major accidents. This may also facilitate in getting the used car warranty. There are numerous sites that offer you all these details free with a VIN number search., are some of the many such sites that offer this valuable service. Never forget to compare the VIN on the title and the VIN on the car to avoid any frauds.I f you need to know the A to z of  buying a  used Car Visit this Site