Choosing Vinyl Banners for the Right Occasion

Today’s market belongs to advertising. Good advertising costs money. The most marked way to advertise is to use the vinyl banners to sell one’s goods. Now vinyl banners are available in an array of materials. This variety is decided on the basis of colors, thickness, and weight and on how much the material reflects and how much ink it absorbs.

Therefore it becomes very important to judge good material from the not so good material. And it is up to the business person to decide what he/she wants in terms of vinyl banner advertising. It depends largely on where the banner is going to put up. An indoors banner can afford to be lighter. However, it would add to the weight of the banner if it is hemmed and reinforced.

Also, this decision will largely depend on the kind of place that the vinyl banner is going to be hung or if at all it is going to be hung. Sometimes the banner has to be opened and rolled up. In such a case it is important to have a sound material that can withstand this kind of handling. Therefore it would not do to have a light material meant for indoors. A heavier vinyl banner would serve the purpose better.

As compared to an indoors banner, a banner used out in the open has to fight with the vagaries of nature. Sun, storms and winds make their presence felt to the banner and they beat it regularly. In different parts of America, the natural elements work differently. It might be the sun that leaves the maximum impact in one state and in another state it might be frequent storms that pound the banner.

In case of a storm, the user of a banner must be smart enough to roll it down easily and with great quickness. In such cases you cannot use the same banner as is to be used indoors. Therefore a heavier banner is to be used. Usually a banner weighing 13 oz would be ideal.

Such a heavy banner must have double hems and grommets to add to weight and durability of the banner. A digitally printed banner should be gotten laminated for reinforcements. In case the ink used is cheap, the banner would lose its attraction very soon. The pint is to use a good quality ink for the purpose. With good quality inks with UV qualities, you can have 2-3 years of life from your banner and that too without lamination. Add lamination and add 2-3 years more. Lamination fights the sunlight and therefore the ink on the banner does not fade.

A good banner to be used in windy or breezy areas must have wind vents or flaps. Alternatively it can have mesh that takes care of air passing through the banner so that the banner does not tear off in case of a strong wind.

Lastly, before getting a banner printed on both sides, it is important to watch its weight. Only a banner weighing 16 oz can be used for this kind of printing. The reason is that it is thick enough to handle strong sunlight which otherwise might make the transparent word mix up and therefore defeat the very purpose of using the banner. It is for the seller of the banner to guide the customer before selling a product.

Well in the end it is hoped that you’ll like the information written in this article.