Choosing Your Friendships Wisely

Friends are an every day part of life.  Strong friendships can almost be as important as family.  It is important to develop strong bonds of friendship at a young age.  However, you should be cautious about the kind of friends in which you choose.

 First, it would be wise to select friends that have similar interests, family back round and of the same or near the same age group.  In addition, you should allow the friendship to grow gradually through time. 

 It is important to keep in mind that there are so many different kinds of people in the world and you must steer clear of some of them.  Stay away from people who are not of the same class and caliber.  Also, don’t become involved with people whom have an agenda or seem selfish and self absorbed.  If you mingle with people such as this, you may end up getting hurt in the end. 

 Most important, select friends in which you can trust wholeheartedly:  Friends that lie and deceive are really not friends and will only bring you down to their level if you allow them to.  Never allow you to be used or be made out to be a fool.  In addition, never confide in any person that you don’t completely trust.  Remember, there are a great deal of jealous people that you take any opportunity to hurt another person.

 Finally, choose your friends wisely.  Friends can be wonderful and friendships can last throughout a lifetime.  Friends can share important memories with one another that can impact our lives in a positive way.