Christine Feehan’s The Dark Series: A Different Take on the Vampire Genre

The Dark Series is a series of twenty books and counting that are about a race of Immortals, called Carpathians, who are as different as humans are. They are long lived and can only die several ways. They die if they choose to die or they die when killed by people who believe that they are vampires. They are able to turn into vampires only when they cannot find their life mate and give up on life. They are not vampires but they do have to live on the blood of humans in order to survive.

Christine Feehan gives a different take on the vampire myth and tells a story about a race of beings who try to live like humans but there are some who give up too quickly and turn to the life of being a vampire. In the first book, Dark Prince, we are told the story of this race and the Prince who is desperate to find a way to save his people and also find his life mate. He is almost given up finding her when he comes across a human who has some paranormal abilities that his race requires. It will take some doing but he is able to convert her in order to make her his. Throughout this series, we meet different people of the Carpathain race who are on the edge of letting go when they meet the one that completes them. We are introduced to a race of beings who are able to take the shape of animals, but share the same genetics as the Carpathians.

I am grateful that I was able to find Christine Feehan and be introduced to the world of the Carpathians. I was enlightened about her take on the vampire myth, that they all did not have to be true vampires in order to live their own lives. She has her own unique way of telling a story and I for one am glad that I discovered this author. You will have to discover her yourself unless you have already, to find out what I mean about her take on the vampire myth. So I highly recommend this series to those who want a new way to look at the vampire and the mystique.