Clean Up Asia…

It’s not unusual to walk along the street in Asia, a car drives past and opens the window and the next plastic bag comes flying past. Or a policeman under a “do not smoke” sign, opens his pack of cigarettes and throws away the plastic wrapping and the remainder of his previous pack of sticks. Kids playing in the field and all of them drinking soft drinks but the empty cans are left behind in the field. The amount of rubbish and trash found even around housing estates is incredible and enormous.

Especially with adults I have the feeling to walk up to them and ask them “do you have kids?” “Yes; fantastic, and in which world do you want them to grow up?” The world you are creating with your plastic bags, your rubbish and your cigarette buds, or a clean and healthy environment. Of course the answer is clear, but people do not seem to care less.

AsiaWake Up and Do Something About It.

It’s not only in and around the cities and housing areas that we see these practices, but when you are on the bus or driving the highways by car, and realize the amount of rubbish left behind by construction companies, its enormous.

What Can We Do About It?

Keeping the environment clean is so simple, and it all starts with you.

Put a small plastic bag in your car, collect your own rubbish and throw it away when you make your next stop at a gas station. Separating your house garbage, in organic, glass, wood, plastics and metals is so simple.

Recycling does not start at the recycle plan, it starts at every home.

One person’s rubbish is another person’s fortune. Every city should have a collection point or call-in center where you can report what you have seen and or found, so that at least it’s reported and action can be taken.

We all should be aware of a healthier and cleaner environment.

We can educate kids in schools by a clean education program.

Worldwide Eco Initiatives

World wide many initiatives are taken towards a healthier and cleaner environment. But Asia stays behind, way behind. And we all can wait until the government starts to take action, or we as individuals can take action.

In Belgium for more than thirty years kids go out once a year and clean up a certain area of the city, until it’s squeaky clean, The next day they all plant a tree, to preserve and give back to the environment. Over a schooling career of ten years plant ten trees each.

In Holland divers get together once a year and dive for rubbish, to clean, ponds, rivers and lakes. Tons and tons of avoidable trash is collected and send to rubbish plants around the country.

Take Action Today

Walk around your neighbor hood, and visually check for rubbish, you will be astounded, about the amounts. It does not take one or two individuals, it takes teams of adults and kids who get together and start taking action.

Nature always wins. Let’s not pollute our own environment. Do something, and start today.

Pick up that broom and start sweeping your own backyard.

You want to lead by example.