Cleaning Out the Old to Make Way for the New


I’ve got a copywriter friend by the name of Steve who told me a couple of weeks ago that he decided to clean out his desk while things were slow. He tossed out a lot of old and useless information and business contacts that had been inactive for some time. For some reason by this act, Steve, somehow triggered some Karmic change of events that led to a lot of new business in the following few days.

So is there something in letting go of the past and allowing the future to come in while living in the present. Sounds like the title of some weekend getaway seminar in the hills above Los Angeles, doesn’t it. Or, is there something to it.

I’m sure the experts can describe in great detail the psychology of what I’m about to say. Not being a psychologist I am only speaking from my personal beliefs and observations but I think Steve has something here.

By letting go of the trash and garbage of life like old business, old contacts, failed campaigns, and the like you open up space in your sub-conscious for something new. It becomes less about the “what could have been” and more about “what can be”. By Steve taking the time to deal with the ephemera that he collected while doing business, old proposals, old business cards, old whatever, he was also cleaning house in his mind. By dusting out the cobwebs Steve prepared himself on some sub-conscious level to accept the new. In his case it was some new clients and projects that appeared almost instantly.

How many times in our life do we ride the dead horse into the dust? We as humans are forever hopeful that that old client will call, that proposal will finally see the light of day, or that somehow we will be discovered as the visionary we truly are because we left a business card on the desk of someone important. Had Edison held on to his first idea for a light bulb filament we would still be using candles.

Life doesn’t work that way. Believe me. Life is about working smart, working hard, and getting to know as many people as you can. Then the numbers take over. If you are spending all your time riding a dead horse you are taking time away from meeting new and exciting prospects and making new business relations. It’s time to move on.

Dedicate yourself to living in the moment and you will secure your future. Dwell in the past and you will continue to make the same mistakes. By living in the moment you concentrate on the task at hand. You do all you can to be a success and then move on to the next project, the next new contact, that next potential customer. You constantly reinvent yourself and your business to attract the desired result. Keeping a desk full of “Someday they’ll call me” diverts your focus. Time to clean out your desk.