Clothing / Laundry Cleaning Tips 1

Herein Madonna shares some of her first tips for quickly, easily, safely and cost effectively cleaning, drying and ironing all of your laundry / clothes:

Tip for drying clothes:

Keeping a tension curtain rod or shower rod set up in the laundry room or in your shower makes it easy to hang your clothes up for drying. (and will also save you $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$)

Energy-Efficient ironing:

Put aluminum foil-Shinny side up- between the ironing board and the ironing board cover.

The aluminum foil will reflect the heat upward onto the garments you are ironing, so it will iron both-sides at one time save you time and energy.

Keeping ironing boards clean:

To keep your ironing board clean longer, spray the cover with spray starch and iron over it. This will let the iron move easier, and save your ironing board from wearing.

Pressing embroidery:

Lay the piece of embroidery face-down on a towel, and iron it on the reverse side.   That way, you won’t flatten the embroidery.

Handling large items:

Before you start ironing, turn the ironing board around so that you are using the wide end rather than the point.  You can cover more area if you iron this way.

Fold items, such as large tablecloths, in half  and iron this way.   Fold items in half and iron one side, then fold in half again and iron the both sides.


This is an expensive fiber that comes from the undercoat of cashmere goats.

Treat it with respect.

Dry-clean these prizes or hand-wash with care in cool water and well-dissolved gentle soap.   Rinse well, and do not wring. Dry flat, reshaping the garment as it dries. Iron on the wrong side while still damp with a cool iron, if necessary.


Down is the soft under feather of waterfowl that is often combined with adult feathers.  It is machine washable and dry-cleanable.  Just be sure to follow the care label closely.

Do not air-dry down. It dries too slowly, and mold or mildew in the process.

Dry down items in your dryer, or use a large capacity dryer if needed.  Set temperatures low (under 140 F) fluffing and turning the item often.

To remove butter or margarine:

Scrape off the solid concentration of butter with a dull edge, such as the back of a knife on washable fabrics, work in dishwashing liquid and wash.

(Do this only on washable fabrics)

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