Cms Platforms For Website Design


When we talk about the content management system the first thing comes in our mind that something to manage the content of our website. CMS provides lots of benefits to customers who want to manage their website without taking any kind of help from webmasters. So, you can imagine how easy is now to edit your own website and the best part is you don’t need to rely upon webmasters for a simple change in your website. There are number of CMS systems are available over internet. Picking the right CMS system is very important  as you need to ensure that your website is not only architecturally sound from a usability and coding perspective, but that any published content is also SEO-Friendly and which kind of website  you are going to create. Here we are going to discuss about three important CMS with their unique features.

DRUPAL: It is free and open source content management system which is highly sophisticated programming interface for web developers. This will work on any platform that has a web server able to run PHP and a database to store website content & setting. It is best suited for advanced PHP. If you want to create simple website then drupal is not good for you. Use this platform when you creating some complex website.

CUSHY CMS: Cushy CMS is a web-hosted content management system, Cushy CMS is great if your looking for a simple, easy-to-manage CMS platform. But if you want to create your website keeping the thing in your mind that you will add some more functions in future then it is not possible with this Cushy CMS.

JOOMLA: Joomla originally began as a sister project to the well-known Mambo CMS platform. It is also written in PHP and stores all data in MySQL database. There is hundreds of additional plugins for Joomla available. The main function of Joomla is its deployment in other hosting sites.

So, these are some content management system for website design. You can use anyone of above according to the scope your website.

By PixelCrayons