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Caffe Latte. Art on Coffee.

Fast Facts on Coffee.

  • Coffee comes from coffee beans and its the second most traded commodoty since oil.
  • Coffee was first roated in Arabia.
  • Coffee arrived first to Europe through Italy, through the Venetian Traders.
  • Was deemed a ‘Christian’ beverage in the year 1600, as it had muslin origins.
  • Is a vital cash crop in many Thirld world countries.
  • Brazil is the Biggest producer of Coffee.
  • Fair trade coffee benefits the poor communities that grow and harvest coffee.
  • The name Cappuccino comes from the Capuchin friars from the 16th Century.


Different Types of Coffee

  • Ice Coffee. Ideal for hot weather, enjoy the flavor and cool yourself.Whipped cream and Ice.


  • Caffe Latte. A favorite. ‘Latte’ means milk. . Mostly steamed milk.Some of these have ‘art’ as well.



  • Cafe Americano. Watered version of coffee.One shot of coffee with water.
  • Cappuccino. Equal parts steamed and frothed milk.


  • Espresso. Made from dark roasted beans, finely ground with hot water.
  • Macchiato.Espresso with a small amount of hot, frothed milk.
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Coffee and Health

Various  studies have shown apparent reductions in the risks of

Other studies have shown that with moderate drinking

Coffee, the Antioxidant Warrior

  • Coffee, like tea, contains Antioxidants, which prevent radicals from causing cell damage.
  • Drink coffee in moderation.Excessive is not recommended due to its caffeine content, which can cause undesired side effects.
  • A coffee in the morning ‘wakes’ you up, and you feel more alert.

I love the cup and smell of coffee in the morning.Do you?

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