Common phrases for travelers going to Vietnam

When you travel to Vietnam, you will need to learn some common phrases to get around. You will need to know as much as you can so that you will have an easier time traveling around there. One helpful thing is to bring a dictionary with you so you can look up things and tell people.

Hi –  is Chao in Vietnamese. Chao can be used with all genders and all ages. In Vietnamese, often you will use words in accordance with the gender  and age of the person. However, the word Chao can be used with anyone. If you see people on the street, you can tell them chao. When you nodd your head, it also means Hi in Vietnamese. If you can’t say Chao, you can nod your head. Chao is pronounced like ciao in Italian.

Bye- Chao. Bye is also chao in Vietnamese. It’s easy enough then to learn how to say hi and bye in Vietnamese because it’s technically the same word. Vietnamese language is different than other language in that you have to use a word in according with the gender, age, and relationship of the person. It’s very difficult. There are many signs to learn too. Of course you have to learn from the beginning. You have to start from the alphabet. The alphabet in Vietnamese has many similarities to that of the French language. The pronunciation is somewhat similar.

In Vietnamese, you will have to consider a person’s age, gender, social rank, and relationship before you speak to them. You would greet a king differently than you would for a neighbor. This is not the case in the US. Everybody would just go “oh that Obama.” You won’t hear this in Vietnam. There is a cast system within the government system just like in some other country like China, India or England.

Some other basic words that you might be interested in are money, car, taxi, hotel, food, ids, police, boat or home. How do you say these words in Vietnamese then? Money is called tien in Vietnamese. Tien has the pronunciation like the word t in englishand then like the name Ien in English. You put it together and you have tien. Of course you would then use numbers for every dollar that you want to talk about. This is when you need to start learning numbers too.

Car- xe. Car is called xe in Vietnamese. You can ask them if you can rent a xe or get on a xe. Taxi – xe. Taxi is generally called xe too. Hotel is called khach san. Food is called do an. Police is called canh sat. Boat is called tao. Home is called nha.