Communist Coal Does Not Pollute. Only Capitalist Coal Causes Climate Change And Global Warming.

You might ask yourself why China, which has over  a billion people and weaker environmental controls than the US  is allowed to burn as much coal as it likes without rebuke but we must shut down our civilization and live in the cold darkness without jobs in order to save the earth from Global Warming and Climate Change.  Well it’s a fact.  A true fact:  Communist coal does not pollute.  ONLY Capitalist coal causes climate change and global warming.

By the way, the pollution that you thought you saw in China during the Olympics was a capitalist optical illusion.  Those with clear eyes and truer vision like Karl Marx, MSNBC or Barack Hussein Obama saw the sweet, clean air of the dictatorship of the proletariat.  The victory of the Marxists Peoples over imperialism was very much in evidence.  Be Red and Expert!!!

And we can easily verify these facts are true by the following reasoning:  If it were not true   that  US coal and fossil fuel burning causes more anthropogenic global warming than non US fossil fuel burning then all of efforts of the United States and Western Europe combined to reduce our carbon footprints would amount to a stupid waste of time because the fossil fuel burning of China and India would dwarf our efforts.  Clearly it does not matter how much carbon based fuel China and India use.  These two non Western nations could even double the usage of the United States and Western Europe combined, and still,  by Marxist Magic, our fuel usage would be infinitely worse and cause nothing but problems.    To paraphrase the words of the great bard:  The feces of China and India would not be odoriferous.



Alex Jones is on the conspiracy warpath again. He seems to be claiming that it is Obama’s energy policies which caused the rolling blackouts experienced by Texas on the eve of the super bowl when our temperatures were staying below freezing even during the day time.

Well Obama did say that he would deliberately try to make reduce carbon based energy and to make the prices of that energy sky rocket.


The science is in and the matter is settled. Just when America is barely crawling back out of a recession, President Barack Hussein Obama and his entire administration are on record saying that they intend to push forward the Climate Change and Global Warming cap-and-trade and carbon trading legislation. President Obama has already admitted that energy prices will skyrocket once he does this.

Can you afford to pay more money for EVERYTHING you buy? If an employer has to pay more money for every raw material he uses and the gasoline that keeps his vehicles running, do you suppose he will want to hire more people? What does your commonsense tell you?

How to prove Global Warming and Climate Change are Hoaxes and Frauds